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Heroes Season 4 Ep 6 Review

Strange Attractors

The past’s blood stains the present. Noah is a waste of blood and organs. Tracy tries to help Jeremy. Matt’s tormented by Sylar. Samuel stands around being ominous. It seems he gets his power from his evil carnies. Noah’s actions towards those with abilities have always been flavoured with distain and now he gets Jeremy killed. Claire and Gretchen deal with fellow mean girl pledges Paris and Nicole. Then Claire unmasks Rebecca as she goes all ‘SAW’ on Gretchen. Sylar takes over Matt because Matt is dumb.

This was interminable. No viewer should be made to suffer so; I have no reason further to conceal my despair. Why did TPTB never follow up on: the Nikki/Tracy/triplets storyline? Peter’s resistance? The underground? Matt’s FBI friend? Monica?
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