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Lost Season 6 Review: LA X parts 1&2

There are split timelines. One in which Flight 815 didn’t crash and the island is underwater for some reason and another in which they’re still stuck on the island and Sawyer won’t stop yelling.

In the Flight 815 never crashed timeline we see Rose, Bernard, Desmond, the Marshal, Artz, Boone, Claire and Seth the pilot speaks over the intercom. Charlie gets arrested for swallowing drugs in the bathroom and Kate makes a break for it and escapes yet again. Doesn’t LAX have cameras in the bathroom? Jin is nabbed by airport security and Sun throws him under a bus so to speak.

On the island Sun and Lapidus don’t trust Ilana and co. Richard gets flustered and angry and gives Ben a good shake. Jacob tells Hurley to bring Sayid to the Temple. Sawyer finds Juliet alive only for her to die. Cindy, Zack and Emma show up.

Ben is shaken to learn Jacob’s enemy is the smoke monster. The Others are afraid of Jacob’s enemy. He and Richard know each other. Richard is afraid of him. What does Jacob’s enemy know about Richard? Why is he carrying him off?

In the no crash time line: how did the island end up underwater? Why is Hurley happy? Where is Shannon? Where did Christian Sheppard’s coffin go? What are the Temple and the Spring? How Sayid come back from the dead? Who are this new bunch of others? What did Jacob put in the guitar case? Why did Hurley never open it?

This was excellent. So much to ponder and Richard is in peril. They can’t kill him off! He’s my favourite character.

Best Lines:
“I almost died in that bathroom.”

“It’s to keep him out.”

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