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Caprica (2010) Pilot Review

This is the prequel to ‘Battlestar Galactica’, set 58 years before the Fall of the 12 Colonies.

It opens with an annoying virtual reality club scene and too many scenes centre on snotty teenagers with smart mouths. Zoë Graystone rants about their decadent and corrupt society and the one true god and basically gives grief to her mother Amanda. Zoë’s friend Ben then blows up a train with them and many, many other people on it in the name of the one true god.

Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz of ‘Anaconda’) decides he wants her back. Why? Meanwhile another grieving father is ‘Joseph Adams’ (Esai Morales of ‘Jericho’) who lost his wife and child in the bombing. The two men meet and bond over their mutual loss.

Zoë created an avatar, a holographic likeness, of herself which Daniel downloads into a cybernetic life form node creating the first cylon. So the first cylon is a self entitled, self righteous snot who rebelled against her parents and society be being religious and conservative? No wonder the cylons were all religious fanatics. Daniel’s grief is one reason he did something so stupid, the other reason is he had a government contract to create a cyber combat unit.

Joseph meanwhile is from Tauron and nobody likes them. He has a son named Willie. Also the Tauron mob keep pulling him back into the life. Joseph ends up helping the mob and Daniel Graystone. Joseph really should be wiser in his affiliations; this becomes clear when his reunion with the avatar of his dead daughter goes badly. Daniel is warped.

Also an investigating agent (Brian Markinson) is uncovering the cause of the bombing namely a group called Soldiers of the One (STO). Plus the principle of Zoë and Ben’s school Sister Clarice (Polly Walker of ‘Rome’) has her own agenda.

So we have a religious maniac cylon saying: “By your command.”, Sister Clarice and the STO, the bombing investigation is centring on Ben and Zoë and Joseph gives a speech to his son where he tells him their family name isn’t Adams, it is Adama. Little Willie Adams will grow up to be William Adama. Who never mentioned his dead mother and sister or the Graystones or the family’s mob ties.

This was dull, it was very disappointing. Despite all the potential in the premise, it was boring. Still it was nice to see the unexpected origin of the ‘So Say We All’ saying. It looks good like the shot of the stadium and there is plot potential but there are too many whiny teenagers in this.

Best Line:
Let’s not prejudge this.”
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