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Prison Break Season 4 eps 1&2

Scylla/Breaking and Entering.

No prison. No break out. But there are break ins!

Best Line: "You're still married to a Russian stripper."

Moving at breakneck pace, this double bill sets up season 4's changed
circumstances. Whistler is shot in the head! Gretchen is a hostage! A new
company heavy who can't act shows up to do the Jack Bauer whisper! Sofia and
LJ run away and are never mentioned or seen again! Michael, Sara, Linc and
T-Bag all get into the States despite the fact they're all wanted,
convicted, escaped felons! Cameron and Pam Mahone are murdered, but this is
never mentioned! Sara, Linc, Michael, Bellick, Sucre, Mahone and some other
guys form a dirty dozen gang to take down The Company! T-Bag adds
cannibalism to his list of crimes! Michael has an ominous nosebleed!

This was good. But WTF is up with Linc? He's gone from the tortured soul of
season 1 to a lunk headed cretin jerk. The Sara resurrection is so
implausible and rectonnish that I'm not going to bother addressing the
issue. The unceremonious disposal of Whistler is annoying as Bellick, Sucre
and T-Bag are still hanging around.

So what's on the card? What are The Company planning? What's the target?
Sona burned down and everyone escaped?!? TPTB just made all of season 3
useless. Bellick's mother shows up, still doting on her idiot jailbird son.
Michael doesn't even comment on Whistler's disappearing Aussie accent.
Sofia and LJ run away and Linc doesn't seem to care or mention them ever
again. Maricruz and Sucre's baby is Lilah Maria Sucre, aawww. Michael gets his huge tattoo burnt off in one night? No wonder he's got the shakes by the end of ep 2. How long can the supermax cover story hold up? T-Bag is really ripping off Robert Downey Jnr as Tony Stark in 'Iron Man' in his whole look and attitude. So they've five cards to go and they still don't know where the decoder is.
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