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Survivors Series 2 Ep 3 Review

Back in Series 1 Tom said: “We make our own law now.” Well that comment comes back to bite him in this episode when Samantha and her goons somehow track him down and drag him off for a trial. Samantha’s thugs pull faces. Billy a bloke who drives a truck full of supplies acts nice. Samantha tells Abby she can defend Tom.

Al and Sarah do it. Tom admits what he was in jail for. Greg wants rid of Tom. Samantha turns out to be demented and she has a plan. She also wears a different outfit in every scene.

There’s a badly edited fight scene and over wrought music. Billy turns out to be evil and he’s in league with Samantha and a man named Mr Smithson who runs a slave labour coal mine. And that’s where Tom and Greg end up.

This was dull sure the theme music is nice and the scene of Billy driving along a huge and completely empty motorway system is effective. But this show is just so dull. Also where are they getting petrol and clean clothes? Anya wants to fry mushrooms, but how does she plan to do that? Why has there been no follow up on the sighting of Peter back in series 1? Why is Samantha’s compound so clean and shiny? How are they washing their cars? Where did Samantha get all her shoes? Why won’t Abby wear a bra?

Best Lines:
“Where’s my solicitor?”
“Dead, I imagine.”

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