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Book Review: Never Slow Dance With A Zombie + Gaslight Grimoire

Never Slows Dance With A Zombie by E. Van Lowe

Margot and Sybil are nobodies at their school until the day most of the student body turn into zombies. The friends see this as a chance to live out their dreams of ruling their school and being popular. Also a chance to get back at the school mean girl is good too.

This is a very funny parody about popularity, zombie boyfriends and oblivious parents.

Best Line:
“If you ever find yourselves in close quarters with a zombie for any reason, a sharp rap on the nose with a rolled up newspaper should stun them long enough to get you out of the tight spot.”

Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes edited by J. R Campbell and Charles Prepolec

This is a somewhat disappointing and lacklustre anthology of supernaturally tinged Sherlock Holmes stories. However the last two stories in the collection are excellent and redeem the book.

His Last Arrow
A dark tale of how Watson realises his life and friendship with Holmes is all a terrible lie. This is very bleak.

The Finishing Stroke
Holmes and Watson deal with cursed paintings. This is just about okay and the last lines are utterly creepy.

The Grantchester Grimoire
Holmes, Watson and some other guy fight an inept dabbler in the dark arts.

Red Sunset
In 1940’s LA, a hardboiled gumshoe comes up against the impossible. So he asks a very elderly man in a nursing home for help. The gumshoe and the decrepit detective face off against a very famous villain. This was excellent with some very sweet touches as the unnamed detective remembers his old friend

The Red Planet League
Holmes and Watson do not appear in this story at all. Instead the focus is on their evil counterparts: Professor Moriarity and Colonel Moran. Moriarity is sneered at and his mathematical work mocked by an academic rival. So the villain plots an elaborate and thorough revenge. This is hilarious and a unique take on ‘War of the Worlds’. This was excellent.

Best Line:
“It doesn’t do to default on payments owed someone who likes to be called the Lord of Strange Deaths.”
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