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Fringe Season 2 Ep 13 Review

What Lies Below

A virus infests a building and Walter takes a break from being “a special needs individual” to find an antidote. He’s spurred on by the fact Peter and Olivia are inside the quarantined building. During the incident, Peter is infected and goes nuts. Plus he runs around in his vest. Also Walter inadvertently reveals part of his secret to Astrid and she’s left wondering.

This was good but why have there been no mentions of ZFT or the Pattern? The virus plotline was very reminiscent of ‘The Burning Zone’ with the an infectee hurling herself out a window to spread the virus and the virus being 75,000 years old and brought up from ten miles down in an oil core sample.

Walter told a children’s story. The CDC plans a Level 6 Eradication. Peter cheats the virus screening. Walter makes a cure with horseradish. Olivia fights a crazed Peter. When will the truth emerge? Astrid knows something is up. Peter gave up his life of crime to get invested in something bigger than him and I’m sure he will not react well when he finds out his ‘father’ was betraying and lying to him all along.

Best Lines:
“When you open new doors there is always a price to pay.”

“Never take anything into a negotiation that can land you in jail.”

“The virus made her jump.”

“I can’t let Peter die again.”

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