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Flashforward Ep 6 Review

Scary Monsters and Super Freaks

Like ‘Surface’, ‘Threshold’ and ‘Invasion’ before it, this just isn’t the event TV it wants to be. Janis ends up in the OR with Olivia; are there only one hospital and one surgeon in LA? Simon (Dominic Monaghan of ‘Lost’) annoys. Dylan is still in the hospital. Mark looks constipated. Demetri can’t act. Charlie still hasn’t been asked about her vision which was of her and Dylan no D Gibbons in sight. Lloyd and Dylan show up at the Benford’s house and Lloyd, Mark and Olivia have a staredown. Later Mark and Olivia yell self righteously at each other. Simon and Lloyd caused the blackout as part an experiment. But why and how? Also why is the kangaroo still hopping around LA? This was boring.

Best Lines:
Our experiment killed 20 million people.”

“You want to talk about our feelings or you want to get back to work?”
“Work sounds good."

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