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Book Reviews: The Stepford Wives + The Sorrows of Empire

The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin

Joanna and Walter Eberhart move to the town of Stepford. Walter joins the Men’s Association and enjoys their new home. While Joanna finds the town insular and unsocial. She makes only two friends, but then they change and become like the other wives in Stepford. Totally unsocial and housework obsessed.

Joanna begins to suspect that the wives in Stepford are too obsessed with housework. That they’re all too pretty, too mindless and why do they only talk about dirt and floor wax? Joanna’s nightmare has begun.

This novel is gloriously creepy. Nothing is ever spelled out the hints of what is truly goings on are nightmarish. This is a classic scary story.

Star Trek Mirror Universe: The Sorrows of Empire by David Mack

This is an expansion of a short story contained within the earlier ‘Mirror Universe’ anthology ‘Glass Empires’. This is an excellent read beginning after the events of the original series episode ‘Mirror, Mirror’. Spock kills his captain and begins an epic task. To build a power base, amass legions of loyal followers, become Emperor, bring down the Terran Empire, assure the survival of civilization and ensure that the forces that replace the fallen Empire will fall in time too.

It is a plan that spans decades, costs many lives and can only be carried out by a despot something Spock never wanted to become but has to. This is a tale of pain and ultimately hope. This marvellous read more than makes for the terrible previous ‘Mirror Universe’ anthology ‘Shards and Shadows’. This washes away all memory of the earlier and childish ‘Dark Passions’ novels  that were set in a different take on the mirror universe.
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