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Movie Review: Phantom Of The Mall: Eric's Revenge (1989)

This has 80s hair, an obvious body double, a mall, Morgan Fairhchild and Pauly Shore. Evil mall developers burn down a house to build their mall. Thus they create their Phantom Of The Mall. Ken Foree, Rob Estes and Kelly Rutherford co star. There is bad acting and an evil mayor (Fairchild). This was not compellingly tragic. This is so ineptly made that it has an infamous reputation as being bad. TPTB try to make people shop and use credit. This throws out all conventions of good taste and decorum. 80s music plays. There is grave defilement. Eric haunts the mall and stalks Melody and kills people. This was inept but oddly watchable. Remember what Alicia Silverstone said in 'Clueless': don't search for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. Eric talks about his special place. Estes plays the Raoul of this story. Morgan Fairchild's death is the highlight of this film. Playing Eric was the highlight of Derek Rydall's career. He wrote for 'Power Rangers: Wild Force'.

Best Lines:

“Spending money makes me feel good.”

“Get the hell out of my mall!”

Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge' review: Dir. Richard Friedman  [FrightFest]
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