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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Yellowjackets' 1x04 promo

What exactly did they eat out there?

Who saw 'Blackball' (2003)?

Turkey is a woodland bird?

There's lavender lemonade?

Poor Chalky, RIP.

There's basil sugar?

I believed my ex would rescue me. He's unkind. My ex's pleasantness came to a shuddering end. My ex ceased performing his commitments.

'Partisan' = no.

What is Italian parsley?

I'd try Bulgarian food.

I want neroli, moss & ceaderwood lotion. I want a Lismore black decorative plate.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Binmen chic.”

“Became pariahs in their communities.”

“Pursue people through the courts with little oversight.”

“The damage it can inflict on people's lives so easily.”

“The problem was his alone to solve.”

“Hounded them through the courts.”

“Barely left his bedroom in ten years.”

“Rendering them useless.”

“Served with distinction.”

“Mammoth effort.”

“Caused a lot of unease.”

“Resenting bitterly.”

“An invented tradition.”

“Stranger to absolutism.”

“Fevered excitement.”

“E1 in cash.”

“Grim true crime dramas.”

“Indecently entertaining.”

“Avaricious gleam.”

“Desiccated morality.”

“Hard-won street wisdom.”

“Imperilled by fascists.”

“Farcical decline.”

“That seems to be the end of him – hooray -”

“Brooding dystopia.”

“Mistrust my opinions.”

“Fearless and honest assessor of her work.”

“Establishment that she loathed.”

“Nagging fears.”

“Exhausted paranoia.”

“Death pits outside the city.”


“Portal to the outside world.”

“Resigned grimace.”

“An unfortunate Nazi phase.”



“Constantly facing financial ruin.”

“Growing concerns over what the future might look like.”

“Righteous flamboyance.”

“Grim lack.”

“Terrifying folk devil.”

“People were repulsed by them.

“Determined to create an chaotic environment.”

“Severe repercussions.”

“Significant ramifications.”

“Worrying extent.”

“Negatively impact.”

“Damning media coverage.”

“Underpinned by misery.”

“Succession Act.”

“Solar gain.”

“Air tightness.”

'Medical Detectives' Quote:

“Necro search.”

'in a dark dark wood' Quotes:

“The James Cooper I thought I knew never existed. He was a figament of imagination. A false memory, implanted by my own hopes.”

“Irrevocable choice.”

“A responsibility he was not prepared for, and did not want.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Seemingly unending.”


“Notoriously fraught.”

“Less universally revered.”

“Accusatory edge.”

“Financial ruin.”

“Fearsome presence.”

“Too loud, too greedy, too gauche.”

“Poisonous nature.”

“All she wants is their respect, but instead they treat her as an embarrassment.”

“Celestial powers.”

“Insigghtful discussion.”

“Long-term repercussions.”

“Scathing retelling.”

'Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives' Quote:

“Got chow.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Deliberately sabotaging.”

“Reassess their confidence in facts.”

“Cold and unsympathetic.”

“Complete outright rejection.”

'Inside Job' Quotes:

“Everyone disappoints you.”

“Need a mediocre white man.”

“Just incompetent.”

Killer Party - video artworkNightmare Classics" Carmilla (TV Episode 1989) - IMDb
Meg Tilly Screen Captures - Carmilla2OTH CENTURY — Nightmare Classics' Carmilla (1989)
Meg Tilly | The Flea Marcat
Black Roses (1988) on American Imperial (United Kingdom VHS videotape)
Edge of Hell, The - video artwork

A scene from the horror movie Voodoo Dolls

A scene from the horror movie Voodoo Dolls
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