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The Sleeper + American Horror Story: Red Tide 10x06 Reviewed

The Sleeper (2000)

This BBC1 drama is a not very faithful take on a Gillian White novel. It has a memorably shocking ending though.

Winter Kills

The chief's body has been found. People do notice the strange goings on! They chose to ignore them. Alma's horrible. Belle plots. The pale people get their revenge. Alma is a self made orphan. A scapegoat is found. A hustler is fed to Alma and she eats a fellow prodigy. Ursula sells the pills in LA and things go bad. This was a non event.

Best Lines:

“Winter-time problems.”

“Strange things happen down the Cape in the winter.”

“Make a family announcement.”

“I'm better than everyone.”

“The story prism.”

“A failed Orion Stallone script back in 88!”

“Sad fradulent typist!”

“Going all Manson.”

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