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Movie Reviews: AFather'sBetrayal aka Indefensible The Truth About Edward Brannigan+Like A Boss+Xtro

A Father's Betrayal aka Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan (1997)
Directed by, produced by and starring Brian Dennehy. This co stars Reed Diamond of 'Dollhouse' and Alice Krige. A accusation against a dad (Dennehy) shatters lives. This was fatuous and searingly miserable. The son learns his golden boy dad isn't so golden. This was all issues and Krige's untalented acting. Eddie Snr is confronted by his son Eddie Jnr and gets angry and violent with him dropping his man of the people mask. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“Knock this nonsense off.”

“What did your sainted mother say about me this time?”

Like A Boss (2020)

Two women who made a make up business out of their garage startup talk and act like men. There is a nightmare scenario when they partner with a big business. Harm is amplified. Simply ignore this. There is complacency and misplaced beliefs. The duo have destructive habits. This was disastrous and dreadful in itself. There are drones and an OTT fake accent. It is a daunting challenge to get through this. This was limp to the point of derison. This leaves you dissatisfied. The duo are hopelessly naive heroines. This was poor. They're ripped off. This was not coherent or inspiring. This was awful and not highly emotive. Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek, Billy Porter and Jennifer Coolidge star.

Best Lines:

Ass girl.”

“I don't even care if they can read.”

“She got the good credit.”

“One night stand, our single use makeup kit.”

“Fancy vibe.”

“Doubted your choices.”

“Dream sex.”

“Ate some weed candy.”

“That's how you get a yeast infection.”

“A messed up Betty White.”

“Frosted replica of your vagina.”

Xtro (1983)

Maryam D'Abo features in this UK horror. This has 2 sequels. An alien abductee returns. There is some terrible acitng in this. D'Abo plays a French au pair who takes her clothes off. There are horrible 80s perms and a poor snake. This flies in the face of logic. This film was infamous and proves some ET's aren't friendly. The returned dad is none too happy about his wife's new boyfriend.

Best Lines:

“His trousers keep falling down!”

“You're always lying down.”

“This isn't your home anymore.”

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