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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Hawkeye' clips

Clint's going deaf? The save the city song! Hawkeye LARPS.

'Batwoman' 3x08 promo


'Riverdale' 6x03 promo

Oh hell no.

'The Last Matinee' trailer


'Masters Of The Universe part 2' trailer

Mmmm. Skeletor is incredibly destructive to normal function.

The portentous spinoff showcase 'Green Arrow & The Canaries' would have worked better if Tommy Merlyn had been in it.

I'd try Basil & Lime dressing, Honey & Mustard dressing and Chilli & Lime dressing. I'd eat an Avoca Glazed Fruit & Nut Mont d'Or Cheese.

I want a rosa morganite pendant. I want a pink pepper, rose, amber and leather candle.

'The Irish Times It's Christmas' Quote:

“Bedroom antics.”

'Miriam And Alan Lost In Scotland' Quotes:

“My future life.”

“Bog myrtle.”

“Exposing myself as an incompetent.”

“Ruin thing.”

“Witch friends.”

“Evil or threatening.”

“Slum tart.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:
“Extraordianry tirade.”

“Hostile intent.”


“Garbage insults.”

“Purported arch rival.”


“Ongoing acrimony.”

“Intimidatory and aggressive behaviour.”

“Staggering magnitude of the crisis.”

“Emotional fraility.”

“Curiously under-discussed one.”

“Aberrant and fleeting.”

“Scarcely believable.”

“Presciently pessimistic.”


“Mispalced premise.”

“Jeering remarks.”


“Inextricably linked.”

“Staunch defence.”

“Terror he created in the home.”

“Shocking and damning.”


'True Life Crime UK' Quotes:

“Themes of loss and distress.”

“Sarkest point of desperation.”

“Running with a dangerous crowd.”

“Evoke distrust.”

“Drug gangs.”

'The Times Literay Supplement' Quotes:

“Aims were less exalted.”

“Deliberate experiment in survival without the amenities of civilization.”

“True-believing follower.”

“Gloomy phrase,”

“Fancifully compared.”

“Intolerable burden.”

“Interlocking narratives.”

“Joyful wonder.”

“Prophetically wrote.”

“Vehemently disdained.”

“So antagonized the authorities.”

“Schism that resulted.”

“Overpowering sorrows.”

“Ruthless competitiveness.”

“The unequivocal triumph of evil over good, and rejoicing in it.”

“Degenerate into recrimination and unhappiness.”

“Pariah figures.”

“Largely adversarial relationship.”

“Folksy founding myths:”

“Something approaching coherence.”

“Ruling the local Dungeons & Dragons fraternity with an iron fist.”

“Banal reminisces.”

“Views paper money as nefarious government control-”

“Dramatic upheaval of entrenched power structures.”

“Striking discordance.”


“Rationally unjustifiable.”

“French immorality, American indecency,”

“Lifelong frustrations.”

“Aggressive criticism.”

“Needed to persuade herself it was acceptable.”

“Disinter sensational court cases.”

“Men of law.”

“Determined to change their fate.”

“Grim hallmark.”

“Ideological contortions.”

“Ill-concealed ambition.”


“Magisterial account.”

“Psychologically traumatic.”

“Catalyst for her discontent.”

“Personal deception.”

“Inevitable misfortune.”

“Has he selectively chosen what he wants to see and grown accustomed to that choice?”


“Endangered privilege.”

“Secretive cruelty.”


“Formidable threat.”


“Horror vacui.”

“Readiness to surround himself with some unsavoury acquaintances,”

“Neglected and misrepresented by biographers and historians.”

“Serial flirtations.”

“Moralistic relevance.”


“Moral oversimplification.”

“Social dysfucntion.”

“Blame women for their unhappiness and have antagonistic relationships with their fathers and brothers.”

“Live a religious life of their chooisng.”

“Societal constructs.”

“Public disorder.”

“A poor housekeeper and a “scatterbrained pathetic hypochondirac”, who was a hinderance to her brilliant husband.”

''allo allo'' Quotes:

“Must dash chaps, Jerry on horizon.”

“Frozen drink on a stick.”

“Nobody likes you.”

“Go to your cupboard.”

“Bang for short periods.”

“Take off your clothes and join me behind the henhouse.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“I don't remember how I cut my finger off.”

“Passes out in bars.”

“Withdrawn your emotions from her.”

'Arrow' Quotes:

“Fixture of the Starling City club scene.”

“This is not going to finish well.”

“Hood guy.”

“Be the person you always told me I could be.”

“Find your way home.”

“Felt closer to you when you were dead.”

takarastarwarstoysandactionfigure2 - takarastarwars | Star wars princess  leia, Princess leia doll, Vintage star wars toyshttps://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/willo_5911.jpg

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