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Book Reviews: Dead Man's Folly + The Last Sherlock Holmes Story + Finding Lost Season Five

Dead Man’s Folly by Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot is invited to the sprawling Nasse House estate by his friend Ariadne Oliver. There is to be a village fete and Ariadne Oliver is organizing a murder game.

But she suspects that there is something rotten on the seemingly idyllic post World War II estate. When a murder occurs, Poirot investigates and discovers that a lot of the people living at Nasse House are not what they appear. This is a good read with an enjoyable twist.

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story by Michael Dibdin

In 1888 Sherlock Holmes is asked to consult on the Jack The Ripper case. The foul murders are perplexing Scotland Yard and even Holmes says the killer is unstoppable. But by chance Watson stumbles across the identity of this most infamous of killers and nothing will ever be the same again. It is a revelation that destroys everything.

This is a good read though it is understandable why so many Holmes fans despise it. This is a bleak and disturbing read which makes you look at the great detective in a new light.

Finding Lost Season Five by Nikki Stafford

This companion to the fifth season isn’t as good as the companions to seasons 1 to 4. It becomes bogged down in unnecessary chat and the author’s obsession with the characters of Daniel, Sawyer and Locke. It’s sad to say that while this is an okay read, it just isn’t as engaging as the previous books.
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