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Robins Issue 1 Review

A nut plots. Anarky is mentioned. This was good. Nightwing, Damian, Tim Drake, Jason and Spoiler hang out. Where were the others when Nightwing had a TBI? Robin was Dick's idea and not one of the others ever apologized for appropriating his creation. Stephanie was a shorttime Robin. Tim demanded to be Robin. Damian goes on about Robin and Batman being his mantles to inherit. He's awful. Jason whines. There are callbacks.

Best Lines:

“I love thee not a bit.”

“Guys running around thinking you're deciphering messages from a message board.”

“This rotting pit has his castoffs. We've got nothing to fear from sidekicks.”

“I'm not goin' down for this! They'll take me off unemployment!”

“If I wanna hear villainous ranting, I'll call my dad.”

“The daughter of a third-rate super-villain.”

“Placing my value in something I'll never be again.”

“All the bad I done to you 'n' everyone else.”

“When you were in the cape and fairyboots.”

“What's comin' for you is worse than anything I could ever do. Pure friggin' evil--”

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