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Buffy The Vampire Slayer 31+Power Rangers 13+Mighty Morphin Issue 13+ 3 others Reviewed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 31

Joyce is awful in this incoherence. There is padding. Poor Faith. Ugh.

Best Lines:

“Get the chompy chompy.”

“The worldeater.”

“Their memories of you stolen from them.”

“The ones who don't even remember your name anymore.”

Power Rangers Issue 13

The Omega Rangers finally return to Earth. The Eltarians are invading Earth. Where is Drakkon? Grace is vile. Matt showboats during an alien invasion just to gloat to Zack that he is the new Green Ranger. Lord I hate Matt. Has Zedd been exploded? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Choosing not to repond.”

“No escalation rules.”

“The outer space rangers.”

“Pointless melodrama.”

“By your command.”

“Come with us and live.”

Mighty Morphin Issue 13

There are more endless Eltarian flashbacks. Grace is a piece of crap. There are incoherent fight scenes. No.

Best Lines:

“We should have known better.”

“Humans really are the worst creatures in the galaxy.”

“Your planet sickens me so much, I won't even step foot on it.”

“Promises between men like us are meaningless.”

“I'm in charge. And if anyone has a problem with that......you're welcome to go outside and see what's waiting for you.”

The Nice House On The Lake Book Six

There is ugly art and incoherence and exposition. Walter's not an alien? Walter did bad things. No.

Best Lines:

“Hitting the friend words hard. Trying to underline it.”

“On a scale of one to Eraserhead, how weird are things with you and Meg?”

“You're. Like, staring into the distance. Thinking deep, sad thoughts.”

“Most people aren't very good.”

“There is nothing good at the end of this road.”

Telepaths Issue 3

Bad guys enslave others and adapt well to telepathy. Human speech is a mutation? A guy is a firestarter. Goodies and baddies form teams. The racial aspects of this are iffy. No.

Best Lines:

“”You people”. Amazing, isn't it, how quickly it happens?”

“World runs on lies.”

“They threw a parking lot at us--”

Batman Urban Legends Issue 9

Batwoman and Alice have a mission. Batman ignores a man in distress. Azrael broods and Tim Drake plots. A threat is taken care of and a new one emerges. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“You nearly drove us to ruin!”

“It's all dress up, isn't it? Makeup. Masks. Wigs and bulletproof costumes.”

“So many “allies” and not a faithful one in sight.”

“You're not supposed to win.”

“Resurrection waters.”

“Stand down! We're not asking anymore!”

“He's testing things on us...worse things.”

“Your future is ours.”

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