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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Cowboy Bebop' trailer

This space noir looks cheap with bad hair and a corgi. This looks stupid.

Best Lines:

“No happy ending here.”

“Know what you used to be.”

'Hawkeye' promo


'Airwolf' promo


'The Devil's Throat' promo

I suspect I know where this is going.

'Yellowjackets' 1x03 promo

A house?

Cherry vanilla coke – nice.

Poached chicken with lardons & lentils – nice.

Recall 'Take Hart'?

Watch customisation is big? Again?

I want a pendant with enamel, turquoise and diamonds and a necklace in pink gold with onyx, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds and a pendant with blue topaz, amethyst, peridot, citrine and deamonds and a Memphis Dot band in yellow gold with pink lacquer and an aliplano in rose gold watch and an annual calender watch in stainless steel. I want a fondue pot and resting ebars.

I won't review 'Deception' 1x13 'Transposition'. I don't care: the mystery woman was a showkiller and TPTB promised interesting stuff for season 2, which they should have delivered in season 1.

My ex cut me off without a word of affection or farewell. My ex offers no restitution. My companion rejected me, he strayed from the righteous past. My ex never expressed gratitude. My ex remains unmoved. My ex wants no part. He has no loyalty. My ex is oblivious and he did very, very bad behaviour.

'Charmed To Death' Quotes:

“Magic water.”

“Dialed up the victim act.”

'RTE News' Quote:


'The Sunday Times' Quotes:


“Judgmental culture.”

“A continuous negotiation with the legacy.”

“Fractious and full of rancour,”

“Cannot risk leaving power.”

“Access to shops.”

“Won the people's admiration.”

“Power and control that society told them to expect.”

“Accept responsibility for the harm they have done.”

“Trigger abuse.”

“Eternal memories.”

“Fantasy memories of happier times.”

“Appearing on stage in her underwear.”

“Naming rights.”

“They knew – it was impossible for them not to-”

“Wilfully very deluded.”

“Species-ending event.”

“Strange and hidden knowledge.”

“Deliberate unknowing.”

“The telephone was encouraging people to use obscene and profane language.”

“Increasingly restive.”

“Contact avoidance.”

“Ruined generations.”

“Long-held objection.”

“Undiscovered country.”

“Borrow $10,000m from a drug dealer.”

“Lean-burn engines.”

“Dial artists.”

“Knowing exactly how they would fate.”

“Farm inheritance lines to be disrupted.”


“No brand will honour the original warranty.”

“Lengthy gasp of astonishment at the intensity of public reaction.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“On a mission to harm us.”

“Not being poisoned by a neighbour.”

“Daily terrorisation.”

“Life commitment to this belief.”

'True Hollywood Story' Quotes:

“Powerhouse brand.”

“Powerhouse beauty clique.”

“Publically ended her friendship.”

“I kinda hate everyone.”

“MySpace went down.”

“Brand safe.”

“Uncensored mouth.”

“Career crushing scandal.”

“Attention-seeking, fame-desiring, money driven monster.”


“Video response.”

“Known for being a mess.”

“Loves a good misery story.”

“Scrambling to hold onto their empires.”

“Drugstore beauty guru.”

“Make up titans.”

“Point of change.”

“Drama channels.”

“Explanation video.”

“Poisonous lies.”

“Drama channels.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Dangerous incompetence.”

“Wary reaction.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Reasons which are still disputed to this day.”

“Allowing this come to pass.”

“Framed as an inevitability.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“An extreme affront.”

“Danger of thwarted love and ambition.”

“Then nemesis.”

“Soured her feelings and scuppered her social ambitions.”

“Constant bitter familial dispute.”


“Focus and audacity.”

“Dodgy reputations.”

“Change creative direction in order to survive.”

'The Crimes That Changed Us' Quotes:

“Weird white people.”

“Bound by the past.”

“What their actions created.”

“Finally someone listened to me.”

'Star Trek Prodigy' Quote:
"Murder planet."

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