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Movie Reviews: 8 Minutes Idle + Christine (2016) + Saturn 3

8 Minutes Idle (2012)

Tom Hughes of 'The Game' is tossed out of his parents house along with his cat. He lives in his office and what about the cat? The cat dies! Due to his owner's neglect and generally scum lifestyle. The poor cat. This movie makes me angry.

Christine (2016)

This is 1 of 2 movies made about the death of a female tv news reporter on live TV in Sarasota Florida in 1974. At the start Nixon is POTUS. This tries to be atmospheric. It is dingy looking. There is paranoia and judgment is cast. Things are sensitive. This was made with the best intentions. This is a highly polarised society.

There is excalating lunacy. This was a ridiculous and ineffective monetisation of a tragedy. This theatrical tat. She wanted to be worldbeater. This was not engaging or dynamic. This was not a nostalgia trip. This was not mesmerising. There is a tv and people are wan and other people are an irritatingly mild mannered lot. This was unlikely.

Things simmer. This was oblique and crafty. This feels insubstantial at its dramatic core. This was fake. Did she crave fame? There is bleating disbelief at ratings. There is convoluted prolongation. This soon grows tedious. This was not captivating. This was a farce and not enlightening. There are inescapable facts. This was muted and diffuse. This was not compelling. There is grandiosity and petulance and this was eerily stilted. There is pretence at journalistic seriousness.

She's terminally exhausted. This was a glorified rehashing of a tragedy. There are peculiarities. She has fervour and stagedy schmaltz. There are earnest disscussions that are blandifying. Her dreams go horribly wrong. This has clear shortcomings. There is heartache and disdain. There is jut jawed resolve and maudlin melodramatics and soul purging. This was overwrought and there are damning histrionics.

There is no heft or credibility. There is heartbreak and deep self doubt. Her career stubbornly fails to fly. There are inchoate ramblings. Those around her are feckless. There is tragic irony and mania. There are howls of rage and anguish. There is no sheer rawness just desolation. This was not visceral. There is societal pressure and things she was not able or willing to talk about.

People express concerns. There are statements of intent and years of distress. This was lazy and not witty. There was no hyper-vigilant level of concern. Poor Christine Chubbuck. This was an insufficient take on her life. This was not seismic. There is no horrified fascination. This was farcical and unsuccessful. There are great tensions.

There are awful details and this was not memorable. This was not mesmerizing. This was spectacularly ordinary mundanity. There are ruinous decisions and this was not a delight. There is a cat. This was not endearing. This was tepid. By the end Ford is POTUS. There were professional expectations and no tricky nuances. This was infuriating and untenable. There are personal reflections. This takes itself very seriously indeed. Rebecca Hall starred.

Best Lines:

“We're talking right now.”

“Your moods.”

“Frame up.”

“Don't be weird.”

“I'm okay, you're okay.”

Saturn 3 (1980)

Kirk Douglas stars in this weird ass movie set in a bad future. Farrah Fawcett lurks. Harvey Keitel is the loon until a mad killer robot rampages. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“They never seem to forget.”

“Abort time.”

“Improper thought leakage.”

“People are being flushed all over the solar system.”

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