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Flashforward Ep 5 Review

Gimme Some Truth

There’s a hearing into the investigation into the blackout. Cue some acting of a calibre not seen since that ‘Scream Queens’ reality show. Mark is just itching to throw himself off the seven years sober sobriety wagon. Olivia (Sonya Walger of ‘Lost’) is a snot.

The US President (Peter Coyote of ‘The Inside’ and ‘Outrageous Fortune’) pops up. What did he see in his vision? Meanwhile Janis and her date (Navi Rawat of ‘Numb3rs’) are rude. Mark tries to justify the investigation by talking about: “The crow die off of 91.” But nobody is impressed.

Stan has a past with the President. Senator Clemente glowers and says she’ll be President in six months. Mark yells, Stan is appalled, Olivia is sent a text message and Clemente will be the new Vice President. Who tried to kill the Mosaic team and why? This was stupid. It’s all so po-faced and dull.

Best Lines:
“Did you recognise the men?”
“I did mention they were wearing masks right?”

“A reoccurring theme of crow attrition.”

“I mosaiced you.”

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