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Supergirl6x17+Grimm 2x17-2x22+Pretty Little LiarsThePerfectionists 1x02+Where Is Marta? 1x03+ 4 more

I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Lex claims he and Nyxly are in love and partners. Oh FFS. When did Alex and Kelly become a couple again? I do not recall. Where is Max Lord? Otis is thick. The moppet moppets. William and Andrea bore. Go away. Brainy contacts the Legion. Stop calling him Brainy, it's annoying. This was horrid. Alex upstages Kelly's marriage proposal. Kara finally thanks Lena. Andrea recalls she has powers.

Best Lines:

“I don't have any friends.”

“A grave mistake.”

“Unfulfilled vengeance.”

One Angry/Fuchbau/Volcanalis

Why is the bimbo hanging around Nick's serial killer trailer? An evil lawyer is evil. Eric whines. Hank goes on holiday. The bimbo crashes her car while raving like she's on meth. She's doing a Lohan. Adalind whines and hangs out with gypsies. Nick's unpleasant. A volcano beast lumbers. The bimbo gets too much screen time. Are the Royal families actually Grimms? Where did they get the cannisters of stuff? This bored.

Best Lines:

“That sounds a little vague.”

“Well that's disappointing.”

“She wouldn't listen. No one ever does.”

“Not that I believe in such things.”

Endangered/Kiss Of The Muse

The bimbo bores. Nick finally has a conversation with Renard. There are 7 keys that lead to somehting buried in the 13th century. What's buried? Nick snots. A blue thing runs around and an ugly woman bewitches Nick. The bimbo bores. Nick turns into a drool monster. There is sexism and this was truly awful. Renard is an ally to Nick. Or is he? This show hasn't done anything to warrant attention.

Best Lines:

“Which legend you believe.”

“I can't protect you from this.”


“A lot of bloodshed, even by our standards.”

“Do we believe this?”

“Keep my family's hands off your key.”

“My family, as you call them.”

The Walking Dead/Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Adalind humps James Frain's leg. The bimbo and her stupid face gets too much screen time. Adalind makes bad choices. The dead walk and Renard's brother Eric is in town. Eric is horrible. This was farcical. Nick's in peril. Nick and the bimbo are married in real life?!? TPTB had no clue what the key(s) were for ever.

Best Lines:

“Telephone call from the king.”

“Which one?”

“How not so dead?”

“Historic things are happening.”

“His mother tried to murder mine and me.”

Sex, Lies And Alibis

This is nothing like the books. Ava is sad. Who misses Nolan? He was a controlling lying creep who shagged everyone. Is anyone ever in class? Nobody misses Nolan. Mona has walls of crazy. Nolan is blamed for his own murder. Ava is stalked by the new head of security. Mona plays chess. Alison has daughters? Taylor was a teacher at the uni? Taylor and Nolan's frozen faced mom gets drunk in Alison's house. Alison lies and provides a false alibi. This was not good, the cast have the acting ability of a door.

Best Lines:

“End someone's hostile grip on you.”

“Our conversation in the woods about Nolan before he died.”

“I know where he kept his weed.”

“Wanna stay for pie?”

“Are you drunk again?”

“People plan and god laughs.”

No Further Questions, Your Honor?

The smug killers lie and escape punishment and refuse to testify. Marta's body has still not been found. Lawyers justify their crap. There is victim blaming and lies and cover ups and no justice. People are increasingly frustrated by the court coddling the murderers. Everyone likes to have their opinion.

There is no greatness. There is talk of a till being locked and missing money. Some bum showed up in court looking like a homeless junkie. There is animosity and people vigorously defend their crapulence. People only cared about their own purposes. Killers were acquitted.

Who was the 3rd person involved? The scum are oppressive and aggressive. There is a personal vendetta and people are fragile. People say I don't remember a lot. This leaves you impatient and yet another version of events are spun.

This was samey and clumsy and awkward. This case was the worst thing you could inflict. The case was closed. There is a truth test and a bumpy ride. People were deeply distrusted. This was unsuccessful. There is trauma and isolation and despair. There is talk of real estate and tax fraud. There is violent chaos. This was a dissonant jumble.

The case is still devastating people. There is no bleak clarity just cynical and ruthless scum. This was full of low resilience and deep despair and people you can't abide. There is talk of phone records and justice is disregarded. There is ill informed comment and CCTV and misjudged positions. There are expressions of concern and clamorous times and devastating impacts. The family suffers terrily. The unthinkable uncomfortable truth is still awaited. There is anxiety and dread and things still drag on.

Best Lines:


“Grotesque sight.”

“Cocky attiude.”

“Wasn't insignificant.”

“Justice and social laws are far from satisfactory.”

“Legal truth.”

“Something is wrong with justice.”

“Deal with the body.”

“Devastating ruling.”

“There's no interest.”

“Archive the case.”

A Warning To The Curious (1972)

A BBC Mr James adptation. An amateur archaeologist travels to Norfolk to look for a lost crown. This was naff. There are unfriendly yokels and where are all the women? A tramp who springs like Usain Bolt runs as scare chords blare.

Best Lines:

“Look you stupid oaf.”

“I'll get you locked up.”

“No digging here!”

“Buried crowns that guard the realm.”

The Devil's Throat 1x06

The Usual Suspects

A beekeeper is a near killer. Woods are very well lit. The idiot daughter is dumb. The hot cop broods. The hot cop is horny and there is male anger. The hot cop and his bro have a shoving match. The beekeeper Kolyo is scum.

Mia is intransigent. This was ineffective. Miscreants go unpunished. Men are gratuitously awful and deeply unhelpful. There is no reputational damage. There is evil intent. This was an uncomfortable story. There is inappropriate conduct. There are harsh results.

This was haphazard and a blunder. Things go disastrously and leads to disaster. This was cataclysmic. A scapegoat is sought. There are serious concerns.

There are far reaching dangerous consequences. The bully cop wears a sleeveless shirt showing off his tats. There is discontent and babbling and damaging decisions and hostile talk of a scarf not looking local. This was not entirely disquieting. Mia has arrogance. There are inconvenient and desperate migrants. There are mountains and damp looking forest.

Where's the bogeyman? This was futile. The case splits friendships and family. People make choices they should be ashamed of. A harbinger lurks and there is inadequacy. We see a translated copy of 'Catcher In The Rye' and a box o'stuff. There is inertia and banalities and pained imprecations. A cat is seen. Donka is worried. There is waffle.

Mia's idiot daughter is in peril. There are mad ideas and harm is done. There are anxieties and antagonisms and accommodations. Mia makes an accusation. Hot cop's bro is an ex-cop? The accusation is damaging to all concerned. This was weak and Filip threatens to quit if Mia stays.

Best Lines:

“Of course I'm alone.”


“No one cares for the living.”

“Listen, you moron!”

“I would've messed him up just fine.”

“Check the criminal contingent.”

“How did the tobacco shed burn down.”

“Your child is drowning in blood.”

UFO 1x14&1x15


Ed Bishop who played Straker died in 2005. There is racism and hallcinations. This was lifeless and trite. The gammon shows up again. Grown men made baaing noises at each other. Is this a clip show?

Flight Path

A man with a bimbo wife is bothered. Toothpaste or what looks like it is used to repair a damaged spacesuit. What is a moon-hopper? This bored.

Best Lines:

“You swine.”

“My car. I'll give you all you want then.”

See Me GIF

La Brea 1x07

The Storm

Eve justifies her crap. The stoner points out there could be other sinkholes. The cop scoffs when told to give up her gun - she murdered a woman and her husband. Eve and the worst cop ever are ordered to leave. Gavin is called on his crap. Gavin suddenly goes on about how he was adopted as a foundling and wants to rescue Eve, he seems to have forgotten he has a son. The 'natives' speak English and babble about sky people. A storm blows up. The stoner references 'Lost'. This was okay, even if Eve gets forgiven.

Best Lines:
"We're not getting out of here. My mom made sure of that."

"You're not the first to come through the light."

"We're in the Ice Age!"

"Get real bad, real fast."

"Always the victim."

"I've tried with you."

"There is no normal now."

"I can't believe our lives have come to this."

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