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Book Reviews: The Three Poisoned Pawns + Good Night, Mr Holmes

Sherlock Holmes and the Three Poisoned Pawns by Emanuel E. Garcia, Roger Jaynes and Eddie Maguire

This slim volume contains three short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. This is a good read for fans of the duo.

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Hamlet
Holmes is retired and raising bees but he’s been busy. He’s discovered the real villain of ‘Hamlet’ as well as who actually wrote the plays. So Watson is summoned to hear his friend’s theory. This is a good story but the ending is a little odd.

Sherlock Holmes and the Belgravian Letter
A top government official is dead. Holmes and Watson must unmask the one responsible. This was another good read.

Sherlock Holmes and the Highcliffe Invitation
Holmes and Watson are invited for a weekend in Dorset where they meet the Kaiser. This is good but is a bit heavy handed when Holmes predicts World War 1.

Good Night, Mr Holmes by Carole Nelson Douglas

This tells of the adventures of Irene Adler: adventuress, opera singer, thief, con artist and thwarter of Sherlock Holmes. But not a slut, never a slut.

Penelope Huxleigh is a poor orphan when she meets the glamorous, charming and smug Irene Adler who is not a slut and don’t you forget it. Together the two women have adventures involving Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and fabulous diamonds. Then Irene’s ill fated romance with the King of Bohemia leads to a battle of wits with Sherlock Holmes.

This is a good read but the pompous Huxleigh and the smug Adler aren’t exactly likeable protagonists.
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