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Flashforward Ep 4 Review

Black Swan

The opening blackout flashback was nicely creepy then it is followed by a really unsubtle Shakespeare joke. Nicole shows up again and she’s brooding. Also it is revealed that Tracy babysat her.

Olivia and Bryce deal with a patient. For some reason the hospital isn’t that busy despite the disaster. Olivia is mean, stupid and irresponsible when it comes to her patients due to her desire to avoid Lloyd. Mark and Demetri deal with the blonde annoyance they arrested back in ep 1. Her manipulations lead to Demetri punching Mark and Mark throwing himself into a paddling pool.

The blonde annoyance asks Mark to wonder why someone would cause the flashforward. Nicole reveals the disturbing content of her flashforward which is creepy. Lloyd gets a call from a man named Simon in which it is revealed that they caused the flahsforward.

This was okay but the characters just don’t engage.

Best Lines:
“They were super dead.”

“What did I do that I think I deserved getting killed?”

“We’re responsible for the single greatest disaster in human history.”

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