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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 reviews: Willow & Issue 31

Read the latest ‘Angel’ comics, I do not like them. I also do not like what I read about the alleged identity of Twilight. If that is true, then my continued purchases of season 8 are in severe doubt.

Willow: Goddesses & Monsters
Willow looks for a spirit guide and meets the snake demon. Questions are raised: how did Willow get so powerful? Where is Willow? How did she get there? Who are the women she meets? This was okay.

Issue 31: Turbulence
Buffy can fly and sulks over Xander sating Dawn. How can Buffy fly? Wasn’t everyone else captured by Twilight at the end of issue 30? Why is Twilight after Buffy? Why are TPTB still so obsessed with Riley? Buffy make the Xander/Dawn hook up all about her. Why is she in love with Xander all of a sudden? She’s been rejecting him back since season 1?
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