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Heroes Season 4 Ep 2 Review


Claire is reckless and stupid. She’s also rude and a liar, having learned nothing from seasons 1 to 3. Peter meets Samuel. One of Peter’s co-workers named Emma has powers. She’s deaf and sees sounds as colours. She also has a cute cat. Peter doesn’t notice any of this as he’s busy being stupid. Also his co-workers don’t actually like him.

Gretchen and Claire go out to dinner with Noah and are rude about eating ‘foreign’ food. Noah’s annoying and creepily obsessed with Claire, poor Lyle. Matt’s going loopy and messes with his partner’s mind.

Also Gretchen and Claire become roommates, it seems Annie did kill herself. Samuel drops a house full of people into a sinkhole. This is boring, why are we supposed to care about any of this?
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