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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Last Duel' tv spot


Best Line:

“Most unspeakable charge.”

'Pretty Smart' promo


I want a Bonet 1822 Miss Audrey Sweet Art watch and a Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Ferrie watch. I want a 280 diamond necklace by Harry Winston.

My ex is unwilling to reform. My ex is curiously resistant to saying sorry. There is abandonment and loneliness.

What's Texas toast? Or buffalo sauce?

I'd try applewood smoked bacon.

'Sunday Independent' Quotes:

“Deception tactics.”

“Neglected fate.”

“Long historical silence.”

“Isolated within the house.”

“An outrage was committed.”

“Other indignities,”

“Too officious or cold.”

“Going clubbing ...too loud.”

“I hate crowds and loud noises.”

“Whenever I'm in a social situation, I feel like everyone else has a script I don't have.”

“Heroic qualities.”

“Ruined my pleasure.”

“Civic integrity.”

“Societal decisions.”

“Vast and fearful universe.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“All offical respect and honour.”

“Ecological meltdown.”

“Hour of need.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Bogger questions.”

“Inherent ridiculousness.”

'The Harmony Game' Quotes:

“They didn't want to see this.”

“A Peggy Fleming ice skating special.”

“Deliveirnug Paul's intentions.”

“Simplistic political talk.”

'Man V Food' Quote:

“Rocked the downtown burger scene.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Earliest inhabited area of the city.”

“Disappointment at his decision.”

“Dramatic escalation.”

“Beyond the scope of their competences.”

“Profound, ethical stance.”

“Increase liveability.”

“Goodwill gesture.”

“Behaving a little differently.”

“Final act of a political force.”


“Dedicating their lives.”

'Escape The Undertaker' Quotes:

“That's disappointing.”

“All you want to do is take my urn.”

“Try and take my urn.”

WWF MAGAZINE-------------NOVEMBER 1995 ISSUE------------UNDERTAKER/PAUL  BEARER COVER: wwf: Amazon.com: Books

'House Of Secrets' 1x03: odd gifts are displayed and there is cheap sentiment. People don't talk about it. There is no thoughtful reflective consideration. All the trouble was a creation of Lalit's mind, for years. There is talk of punishment. News footage is seen. The case was sensationalised.

There were ominious signs before the deaths. Lalit may have had a TBI from an accident. There is disdain. There is talk of unhelpful and at worse misleading coverage. Lalit was subjected to an 'attack' after which he claimed to have lost his speech for 3 years. He responded negatively. This has a laggard approach.

This was ineffective. There is talk that Lalit may have had PTSD. There are societal impacts. There is no vigour. There is talk of the obliteration of the family. There was nihilism. What was the tipping point? There are bemused looks. The deaths were a culmination of ideology. There was speculation. Lalit was destructive and chaotic. The crisis was by design. This has no potency or meaning.

Things consistently defy logic. The deaths were considered inconceivable and a violation of norms. The family were in a hopeless situation. The family had compliance with his madness. There was disintegration and complacency. There was no respectful dialogue and talk of a psychological autopsy.

Things were ferociously rabid within the family. This was a bizarre experience. Things were dodgy. There was desperation and this was frustrating and distressing. Things had the worst possible outcome. The family were under threat from one of their own. Their eyes were donated?! People fret. This was an interminable tale of a descent, ideology and irresponsible media.

Best Lines:

“Very good girl.”

“Very, very wrong.”

“Always seem to forger that.”

“So bizarre.”

“Crime drama way.”

“Othering of dysfunctionality.”

“Earning member.”

“Whatever they did. They did willingly.”

“Ritual which went bad.”

“Probably true. Maybe.”

“Commit such madness.”

“Leave it alone. Don't discuss it.”

“Only mad people.”

“Wanted her life to mean something.”

“She is no more.”

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