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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Escape The Undertaker' promo

This is a real thing?

Best Lines:

“Who has a morgue in their house?”

“Wield my urn.”

'Hypnotic' trailer

An evil shrink. Yes?

Best Line:

“I don't think he's done with you yet.”

'La Brea' promo


'House Of The Dragon' teaser

“Dreams didn't make us kings. Dragons did.”

'American Crime Story' 3x06 promo


'Red Rocket' trailer

Simon Rex goes for that Oscar.

Best Line:

“Your last job is over 17 years ago.”

'Angela Black' trailer

A new ITV drama.

'Hollington Drive' opening credits


Milk chocolate with maple syrup & salted butterscotch – nice.

My ex ignores me. He abandoned me. I'm discarded. So much for lifetime commitment. My ex remains indifferent. Why a sudden and tragic end to my relationship? My ex has no sincere sympathy, regret or sorrow. My ex has cruel indifference. My ex abandoned everything we'd built and I'm completely lost as to why.

'Escape The Undertaker' – he's fat, bald and wearing a wig. This was not fraught and does not subtly foreshadow. This was not cohesive. There are causal horrors and slipshod cruelties. This was overlit and has no complex tension. This does not deeply entangle. This was not compelling. There are no big emotive movements. This wasn't even modestly interesting. The acting is terrible. This was pretentiousness and there was no playfulness.

E – remembered with gratitude.

I missed 'The Goes Wrong Show' 2x02! FFS!

I'd try wild cherry tea.

'Big Ben' Quotes:

“Mouth blown, hand cut.”

“Still it stands.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Not the homecoming he envisioned.”

“Donated items from other people's households.”

“Left you for another woman, and they went off and had a baby together, even though he'd never wanted to have a baby with you.”

“32,000-year-old wolf.”

“46,000-year-old lark-”

“Cultural confusions.”


“Long since forgotten the responsibilities that come with the role.”

“Ice ivory.”

“Ancient viruses and virus evolution.”

“Grab world headlines.”

“Long-extinct beasts.”

“Adored him for decades.”

“Media image.”

“Would not give a reason for his stance.”

“Refute serious accusations.”


“Ruthless hold on power.”


“Trust unquestionably.”


“Social complicity.”



“Historical exposition.”

“Textual, vocal and gestural-”

“Compelled to avenge her own misery.”

“Theatrical elements.”

“Dishonesty forced on women.”


“Purposefully uncomfortable.”

“Direct confrontation.”

“Those decisive moments when the choices we make about what, or, who, to believe can change the course of our lives.”

“Tend towards a less confrontational school of experimental theatre.”

“Constant awareness of looming death.”

“Devoid of active responses.”

“Conflicting expectations.”

“Alarming consequences.”

“Resented its introduction.”

“Loudly take credit for what you do.”


“Barrage of criticism.”

“Dramatic souring of revelations.”

“Assert jurisdiction.”

“Hegemonic power.”

“Can ill afford.”


“Adverse effects.”

“Provoke legal action.”

“Alleged intention.”



'Timewatch' Quotes:

“Outfit allownace.”

“Affords no protection under the Geneva convention.”

'Our Cartoon President' Quotes:

“Arbitary half baked concept of logic.”

“Let's watch another 7 hours of tv.”

“Nuking the ocean is the only way we're going to get rid of the sharks.”

“Media problem.”

“A beautiful exterior concealing screaming ghouls inside.”

“Make furntiture out of the media's bones.”

“The middle class are poor.”

“I didn't get 3 women to marry me by breaking promises.”

“Why are you looking at me? There's a tv in the room.”

“Barfing in hot-tubs.”

“Darkest woe.”

“Only 1 of your kids you've never had to bail out of Sea World jail.”

'The Stone Dogs' Quote:

“Conquest society.”

'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' Quotes:

“Get drunk and eat chips.”


“Nothing to have but all you could ever want.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Cruel indifference.”

'Back' Quotes:

“Having a nice stare.”

“Murder face.”

“Vengeance bus.”

“Evaporates from the internet.”

“Ethical casino.”

“Studied appreciation.”

“Drink driving child maimers.”

'Lost History' Quotes:

“Secret Service guys with their earpieces.”

“19th century plaumbing.”

“Mounting intensity.”

“That's 'Twin Peaks' spooky.”

“That demon pig.”

'Faking It' Quotes:

“You hide because you've got a reason to hide.”

“Convince mode.”

'The Goes Wrong Show' Quote:

“Born as he was of a lowly tavern strumpet.”

Watched 'Murder At The Farm' 1x02 – a groupie has an actual wall of crazy. The convicted killer has self pity and never once mentions his murdered family. There was 80s hair and all the murders were for £436,000? The killer had an ugly side and bizarre avaricious behaviour. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Wounding potential.”

“Something's wrong with this case.”

“Given to understand.”

“That's all I'll say about this.”

“Psychotic depression.”

“Malign influence.”

“Mother was mad anyway.”

“Did not like losing.”

Robert O'Reilly was in 'Murder She Wrote' – he was bug eyed even then.

Robert O'Reilly in Murder She Wrote “Roadkill”... | Spockvarietyhour

Best Line:

“Some talk she'd married her first cousin and that was why Ernest was the way he was.”

Airplane Oops GIF

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