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Firefly River Run Reviewed

I haven't read any of the 'Firefly' comic or book spinoffs. People ignored at the time how this was a Confederate Lost Cause themed show. The art of Simon on the cover does not look like the actor. This was a one shot tale of how Simon rescued River. Wasn't this told in the movie and tv show?

Who were The Hands Of Blue? What are blackout zones? Why did the Tam family not care about losing River and Simon? River's message said: “They're hurting us. Get me out.” She only wanted herself to be rescued. What are hodge-berries? What is the underground? Why did the Alliance want a psychic?

The underground are money grubbing. The cyro-crate and uniform were got how? Sumon escaped from Alliance detainment by opening a window? Simon's flashy rescue of River is depicted differently than in the movie. I enjoyed this. Simon was my fav.

Best Lines:

“Memories neither one of us had.”

“Fabricated details of our lives.”

“Walking though the stations's scanners would go on his permanent profile.”

“What's Red Bird?”

“Clear what I had to do......and what I would give up to do it.”

“Your list of questionable choices continue to grow...”

“You're on your own. I will not come for you.”

“Even chickens will laugh at that.”

“You could have given me more warning before throwing me down a hole in the street.”

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