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Quotes & Stuff 🧈🍞🍋

Gluten free dough balls with butter – yum.

Polenta chips – nice.

Diced feta with olive oil & oregeno – yum.

I'll review 'Such A Quiet Place' and 'Harley Quinn Black + White + Red'.

I missed 'The Goes Wrong Show' 2x01!

'Debris' was axed?!

I'd try pickled onion mayonnaise.

Vegan bacon looks gross.

What's a tomahawk steak?

Why is the rift irreparable? My ex = worthless. My ex has made himself scarce.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Prowling the streets in a van.”

“Shattered remains.”

“Global lack of urgency.”

“Epically suffocating.”

'Attack Of The Hollywood Cliches!' Quotes:

“Non-prostitue sense.”

“Commands attention.”

“Complex internal life.”

“Destined to lose.”

“Stands and stares from long way away away.”

“Fragile emotional state.”

“To destroy list.”

“Big guy who kills people.”

“When I'm bad, I'm better.”

“Clean up the picture business.”

“The vulgar, the cheap.”

“Exciting and forbidden things.”

“Exist with is our domestic spaces.”

“Potential for catastrophe.”

“Miracles are cheap.”

“Intelligent portayals.”

“Man v stationary.”

“Nefarious activities.”

“Someone to shun.”

“With great conviction.”

“Old-timers in town.”

“Do the dirty deed.”

“Eat it bitch!”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Fully justified in their position.”

“Inane heckling.”

“Given up their usual grumbling in favour of gloating.”

“Amount of aggression.”


“Contemporary relevance.”

“Combative family.”

“Third person indirect is one of the crowning achievements of the human species.”

“Become her friend, but no one ever did.”

“Entire consignments returned to customs because of a single missing form.”

“Port capacity.”

“Re-establish the credibility.”

“Inclusion as a hero.”

“Robbed him of his dream.”

“Measured staidness.”

“Moral dangers.”

“It's like the '90s.”

“Misfortune to heed them.”


“Undeniable compulsion.”

“Earned the right to be embraced.”


“Wanted him out the door.”

“Notoriously mean-spirited.”

“Team plane.”


“Viewed as a nuisance.”

“Find these attiudes concering in the extreme.”

“Forfeited claim to a long time ago.”

“Endlessly unsatisfied.”

“Do not try to educate idiots.”

“Acted impiously.”


“How will you feel if you're wrong?”

“Picked fights with the wrong people.”

“Actively attempted to sabotage his career.”

“The cruellest thing a government can do to an opposition is agree with it.”

“Contentious act.”

“Extreme stances in a quest for distinctiveness.”

“Persistently and complextely inappropriately.”

“Ignored or dismissed.”

“Received little to no reprimand.”

“Distressing and unacceptable.”

“Repeated or tolerated."

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Home is not always a safe place.”

“Not listening to what I wasn't saying.”

“Dead European guys.”

“Inherent disinterest.”

“Let's not discuss plot at all.”

“Genuine sense of personal jeopardy.”

“Posh shops.”

“I had no idea what was going on but there was a bunch of stuff that was exciting.”

“Good, creepy way.”

“Nasty seedy edge.”

“Everyone hates him.”

“DVDs are still around, amazingly.”

'Poverty, Chastity And (Dis)Obedience' Quotes:

“Going to be glared at.”

“Terribly evil.”

“An abnormal society.”

“Future is in the hands of other people.”

'True Life Crime' Quotes:

“Scream and no one will hear.”

“Life obstacles.”

'An Unexpected Killer' Quotes:

“Not shy about casting aspersions.”

“Not welcome to help.”

'Reasonable Doubt' Quotes:

“Ran amok around London.”

“The dope house.”

'Unnatural Murder' Quotes:

“Discreditable role.”

“Not inherently implausible.”

“Permanently obligated.”

“Virtually unassailable.”

“Petulant and wilful.”

“There must be a foul conspiracy...”

“Deep detestation.”

“Alarmist utternaces.”

“Eternal notoriety.”

“Heap odium.”

“Despairing state, scarcely capable of rational discourse.”

“Referred balefully.”


“Pitifully tormented.”

“Fallen into disgrace.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Wasn't with nobody.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Trading income.”

“Major uncertainty.”

“Stole a dream.”

'Poirot' Quotes:

“You have lard for a brian!”

“Dark serpent.”

“One factor malevolent.”

“I smelt as you say, the rat!”

“So that the maid would have seen it.”

“They were good days.”

'Peep Show' Quotes:

“Gotta look interested, keep nodding.”

“Measuring my knob with dental floss.”

“Horrible products.”

“Waster's dreamticket.”

“Use my bed for filth.”

“Locked me in the airing cupboard to monitor the homebrew.”

“End up on ITV2.”

“Some sort of nutter.”

“Righteous indignation of the common man.”

“Over-unionised European economies.”

“I've got an evil plan.”

“Locked out of a party that's happening in my own home.”

“Last friendship I have.”

“Rik from 'The Young Ones' impersonation.”

“Illness = weakness.”

“Is this what you are into?”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Made homicidal threats.”

“Got caught getting high in her closet.”

“Taken to the mental hospital.”

“Doesn't care and never has or will.”

'Young Rock' Quotes:

“That's some commitment.”

“Good Italian crap.”

“Turtleneck, fanny pack, chain.”

“Way, way too much.”

“Sitting on your parents couch, watching TV all day.”

“Upper body violence.”

'Irish Independent' Quotes:

“Place for hate.”


“Diabolical rendering.”

“Negative manner.”

“Constant complaining.”

“I tried to be decent.”

“Feeling isolated.”

“Certain consequences unfold.”

“Noble despair.”

“Recrimination and soul-searching.”

“Despite an affluent lifestyle, he has no discernible outcome.”


“Cultural perspective.”


“Potential impacts.”

“See themselves as missing out.”

“Fury and resentment.”



“Chaotic madhouse.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“Escalating hostility.”

“Seriously disturbing.”

'The Killer In The Family' Quote:

“Where life had brought her.”

'Irish Independent Weekend' Quote:

“Didn't intend his survival.”

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