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A Tale of two tapes

Cleared out two tapes from an unknown date. On them were 6 season 8 ‘Charmed’ eps and 1 season 1 ‘Criminal Minds’ ep. I’d forgotten all about them which should tell you the level of quality.

Let’s start with the ‘Charmed’ eps:

Kill Billie Vol 1
Billie remembers how her sister Christy was stolen by demons 15 years ago. Other than that not much else happens except the sisters are lazy. The plot arc didn’t really get going in season 8 until Billie and Christy became the big bad. This was dull.

The Last Picture Show
A demon of the week does stuff. An innocent dies and the sisters are too selfish to care. Boring.

Battle of the Hexes
This is a virtual remake of an earlier ep called ‘Witches in Tights’ as Billie gets super powers and another addition to her wardrobe of hooker wear. All the plots have to do with Billie, still there has been foreshadowing of her turn to the dark side later in the season. This was somewhat amusing in places.

Hulkus Pocus
The idiot Agent Murphy plot is dropped and not before time. This was idiotic.

Vaya Con Leos
Piper has Leo taken away from her yet again. This was okay.

Mr & Mrs Witch
Billie’s dumb parents show up and she turns them into a bad rip off of ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’. The next time the parents showed up Christy killed them. Moronic.

And finally the ‘Criminal Minds’ ep:

Extreme Aggressor
This was the pilot for the show and it was okay. Somewhat reminiscent of season 1 ‘Profiler’. Sadly like ‘Profiler’, it rapidly became a bog standard procedural. All the intriguing plot arcs were dumped when Gideon left the show and all suggestion of Hotch’s abusive father went the same way.
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