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Vigil 1x06+Deception 1x10+Mansfield Park 1x06+Monsters Inside The 24 Faces Of Billy Milligan 1x04

Vigil 1x06

Amy and her lover annoy. This makes 'Last Resort' look plausible. The UK invoke NATO. The mole is some rando. I miss 'Last Resort'. There is total narrative incoherence! The navy lie.

Best Line:

“Put you in a cage where you sh*t in a bucket.”

The Unspoken Hand

The gang of idiots look into a secret society. Why is Mario Van Peebles slumming it in this show? No.

Best Line:

“Everything was tied to some evil organisation.”

Mansfield Park (1983) 1x06

Gorden Kaye, Jonny Lee-Miller and Angela Pleasence feature in this Jane Austen tale. There are redcoats, the poors, terrible picture quality and the unwashed. The heroine Fanny needs to realize her purpose.

This was not uplifting. Fanny is over solicitous of her cousin whilst a rich goob lurks. There is a misleading impression of peoples true characters. This was innocuous. I didn't watch 1x01-1x05. Fanny's drunken father and his cheap wig is abrasive. There is covetousness and parsimony. Fanny dreams of her rich relatives manse: Mansfield Park and its orange paint.

There is a drunk son and chintz in this inconsequential ep. There is shocked conjecture and scandal and a wedding wherein a woman marries her cousin/a house.

Best Lines:

“I quite dread saturdays.”

“All the curds are gone.”

“Where are Charles' trousers?”

“Have you Sandy's knife again?”

“Evil of a a few days.”

“Varnish and gilding hide many stains.”

“A chooser of books.”

“How good you are.”

“Lives too far off to think of her.”

“Best and kindest love.”

“Something underhand in his objections.”

“In very great distress.”

“A good deal of drinking.”

“Leaving him in sickness and solitude.”

“All you have taught me of napkins and fingerglasses.”

“All the years to be.”

The Escape

Billy escaped in 1986. His family, friends and lawyer helped him and have no remorse. Billy made a videotape justifying himself. He always escaped scrutiny for his crimes. His family and friends engage in fanciful conjecture. Billy had 'conditions' to return. Billy whined about pressure from the media – he sought their attention. DID is not unfalsifiable. Billy's friends don't even feel vaguely foolish for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

There is no emotional resonance. Why were people so smitten with Billy? There are self-contradictory actions. Billy's family and friends have no remorse or regret about helping a dangerous sex offender go free. This story has many alarming aspects. His friend gave him a fake ID despite his erratic behaviour. This was sluggish. People exacerbated Billy's danger – he should have been under restrictions.

Billy was taken to Canada. Risks were ignored. Nobody expressed anxiety in fact Billy was given encouragement. Billy would never accept blame or show remorse. His disturbance is ignored. There is misfortune. Billy's friends and family mock the police and lawyers. There is still scant regard for victims. There were fundamental failures.

Billy did freaky art and was not amicable. Billy's friends and family got concerned. There were entirely interpretations. Billy was weird. There was no justification for Billy's actions. There were societal problems and misleading claims. Billy's friends and family laugh about this unstable man probably murdering someone while on the lam, they're complete idiots. This was no intensity and is not a brilliant rendition. Billy apparently got involved in a hot-tub company.

Billy demanded he be supplied with pot. This was absolutely shocking. Pot is not medicine. Billy partied hard in Florida. This was tiresome and reductive. His obvious addictions to drink and drugs are ignored. People were intensely stupid. Billy was soulless. This was not compelling. People made the gravest errors. Billy was arrested. Nobody was gripped by fear.

Billy's friends and family jeopardised lives. There was uncertainy. Despite all the considerable reputational damage and negatively affected victims – he got away with everything AGAIN. Billy stole his murder vicitm's property and laughed about it. He stole his murder victim's money. He was a con man and this and his unrest and the fearful people he affected are shrugged off.

Billy's friend admits Billy lacked empathy and was a narcissistic sociopath. Billy was not desperate. Billy's friends and family still bleat about the DID crap. This was wrong on every conceivable level. The fact Billy had a dead man's possessions was shrugged off. He and his friends and family are vile, nasty scum. This was a catastrophe. Billy was immeasurably bad. Billy escaped charges AGAIN.

One feels incredulity. This was not acceptable or consistent. This was incredibly inefficient. Billy is terrible and his friends and family admit he is a murderer and do not care and have no shame. Billy went on hunger strike to manipulate and get out of lock up. People are proud of themselves. Billy kept on manipulating. This was not cohesive. People ignored the dangers, said he was cured and let him out.

Billy whined about the consequences of his actions. Billy threatened to kill people and boasted that he'd get away with it as he was 'mentally ill'. Billy was accepted by some communities. Billy admitted to a 2nd murder. Billy did it joyfully. He never repented. There is frustration at the revelations. There are insane bad choices. Billy's stupid excuses are laid out.

It is pointed out that Billy put the focus on him rather than the victims. Billy is called “the fun uncle” by a relative. Billy is called a psychopath who committed terrible acts by someone else. A video showed Billy was faking it. This was incompetent. There was never any punishment for Billy. This causes dissonance. There are hostile factions and manifest deficits.

This was not skillful. Billy was called fun. Billy was dangerous with no normalcy. Billy had adaptability. People reaffirm that he faked it. James Cameron met Billy. A person uses the term alleged to describe his sex offending. Scumbag. Billy wanted a movie made about himself. Billy was feted in LA and did drugs. This does not leave you engaged. Billy kept on conning. There was never any resprisal. This was devastating.

Ohio sued him to pay for his care and legal bills. Billy's sister lies and said he had money. Billy did a fake bankrupcy. Billy got clemency again and again until finally the law stopped him from profiting from his crimes. Billy whined that the state was stealing his money. Billy went to Vegas. Billy spent his last days living in a rv dying of cancer due to being a drunk. No great loss. This was an enraging view of a scam artist and his enablers.

Best Lines:

“Soviet farmland.”

“About Billy and what Billy wanted.”

“Violence occurs.”

“Messed this up for himself.”

“World's biggest hoax.”

“Lying was a way of life.”

“Pre-DA days.”

“Intolerable situation.”

“Hardcore skeptic group.”

“I've been a terrible person.”

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