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Riverdale 5x17+Monsters Inside: The 24 Minds Of Billy Milligan 1x02&1x03+Superman & Lois 1x08-1x10

Chapter Ninety-Three Dance Of Death

Veronica has daddy issues. Stories are wrapped up. Polly's dead. Cheryl's cult bores. Mothmen attack. No.

Best Lines:

“Chasing your approval and love.”

“Know how to use a stungun?”

“I'm from Chicago. Yes.”

The Monsters Inside

Billy had terrible trauma according to his family. Sure. This was a sheer oddity. People were terrifyingly reckless. Billy liked 'Star Trek' and 'The Man From UNCLE'. He escaped from the loony bin but according to his supporters – it wasn't really escaping. He could do accents. This was outlandish, surreal and brutal.

They were all out thought by Billy and buying the crap he sold them. There is the whiff of fakery. Billy pulled the abuse excuse. People only seemed to care about the money and fame they'd get off Billy's case. He was a danger. There is talk of Billy's overwhelming trauma and wrong things done to him. People ignore the damaging and traumatic things he did. Did Billy ever say sorry for his crimes? Did anyone?

He smashed apart lives and was good at manipulation. There is victim blaming. This was a horrific thing. Billy has not frightened. He lied, gaslighted and playacted. There is was confusion. He was not well his siblings bleat. He did constant dishonesty and deceit. This causes irritation. Billy caused psychological torment and was damaging. People had no judgment.

There is mother blaming. This whole thing is a joke. What were they DOING? Awful things are excused. If he had just got some conselling, he would be lovely again is the siblings take on it. Abuse is excused. Billy had a long rap sheet. This leaves you disgruntled. This was an evil tale that leaves you unconvinved. Billy's childhood was a hellscape – allegedly. It's all ferocious lies. Billy is unpleasant.

There is speculation. Billy's lost little boy act is not riveting. Billy left such devastation in his wake. This was terrible. Billy was conniving and unscrupulous. This leaves you unimpressed. This was not satisfactory.

This was a feeble, wearying effort that leaves you uneasy. Billy was boorish. Billy's acting leaves you unimpressed. People had a disturbingly blase attitude to his violence against women and do unceasing chatter about Billy's needs. There are no psychological horrors. This was indulgent of Billy and 70s weirdness. What lies beneath?

This leaves you the exhausted level of tired. This story is unlikely to end well. There is an endless circle of people bending to Billy's will. Billy's a terrorising risk and yet he is allowed to dictate how things go. This was irrreverence. There were no intense stakes. Billy fractured something within his family. There is a troubling dynamic that his friends and family dance attendance on him. This was not cathartic.

There is arrogance and ignorance. This was a dense, dour insult. Attiudes are anachronistic or worse. People do veneration of Billy. There is no life or immediacy. Billy was remote and emotionally opaque except for his smirking and dead eyes. This is not the distant past. There is no uniqueness in this worthless tale.

There is an archival collection of footage. Finally some different viewpoints show up from people with no emotional attachment to Billy. This was not marvellous or wonderful. Billy was disreputable. There was public gullibility and this paints a damning view of Billy's family and friends. There is bewilderment that people fell for this joke. Billy was self-orientated and had no empathy.

This was sanity threatening. This was not informative. This was unbelievable fakery. This was really stupid and an utterly bonkers absurd situation where Billy became a celebrity for being a sex offender. Billy had implacability. People are happy with their decisions to coddle Billy. There are no salient points made. Billy was not harmless oddball. People were hardline advocates of coddling Billy. They did no agonising over his crimes.

This was not a deeply engaging tale. So many bourgeois liberals. This was all grotesque moral degradation. This leaves you deeply uneasy. Billy was not deeply sympathetic. Billy kept on behaving inappropriately. There are unanswerable questions. The victims are unwitnessed. Billy was never quite what he seemed. Billy's diagnosis is sacred and unquestioned by his family and friends. This was odd and not eventually interesting. One feels squeamishness.

Billy was a man to be scared of with his immering malevolence and disturbing complexities and terrifying behaviour as a narcissist and sociopath. This is a story of irrational chaos and a society that rewards notoriety and biased visceral opinions. There are so many areas for disputation. People did reckless damage. This is a heinous account of egregiously false motives.

People say that Billy suffered horrendously, I don't believe a word of it. Billy was not reflective. This was absolutely nonsensical. Billy gaslit his siblings and plotted murder as a child. His unrepentant criminality goes unremarked on. Billy was a dirtbag. He was sex offending in 1972. This was not pretty fascinating. He transgressed a lot. He was robbing in 1975 and his siblings act like he was mischievous.

This was regrettable. Billy tormented people. He was not mentally ill. He pulled antics and was dodgy. This was dull. People call Billy stressed. Billy was unsavoury and a life wrecker. Where's the harsh judgment? People say DID can be caused by the power of suggestion. All Billy ever got was a slap on the wrist. Billy's diagnosis was a scam. This was negative. Nobody was reticent about his fakery? He had a capacity to kill. This was harrowing and caused dissatisfaction.

Nobody had decency. This was like a pastiche. This was so cartoonish. Billy spoke in a creepy montone. This was tedious. This was not innovative. He was such a faker.

Best Lines:

“She allowed that.”

“Mental expert.”

The Golden Age

Billy was a narcissist. This was a tale of stupidity and erratic idiots and it leaves you in a stupor of bordem. His family act as though people had an irrational aversion to Billy. As for Billy he wasn't notorious, he was a celebrity. He only wanted to do art thearpy and return to society. People talk of Billy's awfulness. He didn't have roguery. Billy was dismissive and should have been looked upon with horror.

There was talk of a book. His crimes were treated as peccadilloes. This was not fascianting and it had no deep insight. You're left exasperated. There is talk of Billy writing in different languages – which he faked. He told fantastical lies. Billy keeps on smirking in videos and pissing on public opinion and styling himself in his dirtbag look again. His doctor wanted to let him out. He got money for his art which meant he profited from his crimes. His family and friends are aghast that people wanted Billy not to profit from his sex offending.

People bought his art and he had an art show and made money. People let themselves believe that Billy told them the truth. Billy had a car and sex offended in the hosptial. This is brushed off. There were mad notions. He gave booze and drugs to patients and this was brushed off. Billy was transfered to other places to control him. Reckless people objected to this. His sister expected Billy to attend her wedding!

Billy peddled untruths. It took so long to force a public response from the authorities. Billy tried to run the loony bin. Someone went hiking with Billy in a lonely place. Billy's family and friends had resentment and anger that people tried to make Billy accountable and make him take medication. Finally Billy got a doctor who said DID was nonsence. Billy took issue with his treatment and wanted to dictate his treatment plan. Billy could persuade people. A doctor said Billy was aggressive, anti-social and objectionable. This was facile. Billy caused more disputes and hostility. He had a farm! How did Billy get a farm?!? Billy tried to SHOOT someone and acted as his own lawyer after taking issue with his own.

There was no common sense. The book was published. His sister admits Billy lied. There was fevered interest in Billy. There were ominious warnings. Billy whined like he was the victim. Billy got away with the shooting. There was never any real accountability. Finally someone says he faked it to stay out of jail.

Billy was not credible. There was complicity and disgruntlement. There is more talk of his fakery and how it was all lies. Billy did more sex offending and then got married and divorced within 51 days. Then Billy escaped for good this time.

Best Lines:

“Concerns of the community.”

“Reinforced the community's fear.”

“Not accepting my advice.”

“Not end well for you.”

“Sensed a tragic ending.”

Holding The Wrench

Lois whines. Lois and Clark fawn over Jordan and ignore Jonathan. Lana and her idiot family bore. Jordan needs to go. The John Henry of Clark's Earth is dead, mysteriously. Jonathan nearly gets killed and Lois is a bitch. Lois whines about a Natalie. Jordan whines and is a crap brother. The army has anti-Superman weapons. Why doesn't someone just kill John Henry? Shoot him FFS! Kyle is a jerk. John Henry walks free? Lois is a bitch. Lana is useless. I don't like this show, only getting Micheal Rosenbaum as a regular cast member could save it.

Best Lines:

“Creeper mobile.”

“Murder van.”

Loyal Subjekts

Edge annoys. Lois makes a scene. Morgan Edge knows things he shouldn't. Jordan looks like an omelette left out in the rain. Jonathan has no luck. Jordan attention seeks. Lois whines her daddy never put her first and disowns him for endangering her kid. Lois whines about her crap mothering to Jonathan. Jordan whines like a little bitch. The Kent farm is attacked by an Edge minion. Kyle is super super brainwashed as one of Edge's minions. Lois and Clark figure stuff out – I do not care. Morgan Edge slaps Clark. Morgan Edge is Clark's brother????

Best Line:

“Everything you're doing is going to stop.”

Mother, Where Are Thou?

Clark and Morgan share a mom. Morgan whines about his dumb ass backstory. Morgan Edge is really Tal-Rho. Why did Lara save the minds of psychos? What is The Eradicator? I guess this explains why Adrian Pasdar was recast. Sarah bitches. Why hasn't Clark taught his sons his native language? Why hasn't he taken Jonathan to the Fortress? Where is Kara? Where is Lex? Lana hosts Lara....oh ick. Sarah's thick as mince. Lara's sunstone crystal was stolen. This was so boring and stupid.

Best Lines:

Threat reduction agency.”

“Daddy doesn't exist anymore.”

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