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Book Reviews: Nuclear Jellyfish + Precipice

Nuclear Jellyfish by Tim Dorsey

This is the 11th tale of Serge A. Storms, Florida eccentric and lovable spree killer. Serge is driving around Florida as he writes and travel blog. He’s also dealing with his brain fried buddy Coleman and yet another stripper. His nemesis Agent Mahoney I chasing him and there are diamond thieves involved too. Serge is back so anti-social jerks better beware. This was good and very funny.

Best Line:
“It was supposed to be a fun outing, but in the end a bear lay dead and a father was thankful for his son’s remote control helicopter.”

Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice by David Mack

This is the 5th ‘Vanguard’ book and the series has gone seriously downhill. The first 3 books were good but the 4th novel and this one are just dull, populated by dumb people and crammed with technobabble.

The characters are either annoying or ciphers: Rana Desai the trouble causing JAG officer continues to cause problems and be snotty. She gets more vile and self righteous with each book. Drunken loser Cervantes Quinn suddenly gets a whole new back-story and he’s undergone a transformation that terms him into Mackenzie Calhoun, a one-liner spouting cold as ice warrior.

T’Prynn is dumbed down some more. She’s no longer an ice queen sociopath instead she’s a woobie who grovels, is sad and explains herself constantly. Tim Pennington the disgusting lying cheat and self righteous jerk continues to be made the moral arbiter of the Vanguard novels. TPTB are too much in love with this character.

Diego Reyes doesn’t count for much in this book; he hasn’t counted for much since book 3 when TPTB ruined his character so they could write more about Quinn and Pennington.

Also the Taurus Reach mystery drags on. Some hints are dropped but there is way too much technobabble. The Klingons show up to act like football hooligans, people run around, there isn’t much plot and the more characters blather on about the Shedai, the less you care. The Shedai mystery was more intriguing the less you knew about it.

This was dull and boring. I liked the ‘Vanguard’ series and I hope it improves.
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