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Movie Reviews: Last Man Standing+Night Wolf+Hawking: Can You Hear Me?+School Of The Damned 👎

Last Man Standing: Suge Knight And The Murders Of Biggie & Tupac (2021)

A Nick Broomfield documentary about the infamous murder cases and there is a new take on it due to people not being so scared of Suge Knight anymore.

This is a follow up to the 2002 'Biggie & Tupac' which I haven't seen. There is vintage footage and talks of Bloods and Crips and Compton. Much is revealed in this documentary: girlfights, corruption and a messy and volatile situation. There is talk of East Coast v West Coast. Toxic masculinity is on full display.

There are disturbing photos and briefly touched upon grooming and abuse. There is talk of dodgy money situations and car repossession and gang war and Rampart. There are allegations and talk of social ostracism. There is conspiracy and counter-conspiracy. What was it all for in the end? This was good.

Best Lines:

“The end of his power, the end of his empire.”

“The best of friends.”

“Deadly enemies.”

“You had a problem.”

“The thugs in the neighbourhood.”

“Got dealt with.”

“Black piranhas.”

“His career in tatters.”

“Most successful rap label ever.”

“Closed down by a SWAT team.”

“A gang of dudes.”

“Just been in the penitentiary for a long time.”

“Gang territory.”

“Got away with everything.”

“Anybody touches his chicken.”

“Initally gave hope.”

“Won't be stressin'.”


“Blood Gang Security.”

“Got familiar with the back door.”

“None of it needed to go the way it did.”


“Wasn't hateful before.”

“Snake him.”

“They're gonna come for you.”

“That ain't who he was.”

“Those albums weren't him.”

“The American Dream wasn't meant for me.”

“Motown of the 90s.”

“Living the video life.”

“Bait you in.”

“Looking for somebody to care about you.”

“So gang obsessed.”

“Lost in the image of being tough.”

“Malice in your heart.”

“Takes to be what we are.”

“Things were totally out of control.”

“Living nightmare.”

“It went the way it went.”

“Prove his gang loyalty.”

“Fatal mistake.”

“Have security sleep in my room.”

“Feared and despised.”

“Put bad words.”

“Ain't got real friends.”

“Do you wrong.”

“What would have been.”

“Street buddies.”

“Way serious now.”

“Bad choices.”

“Gang dudes.”

“Gave up his career.”

“His views are widely accepted today.”

“They weren't ever.”

“There. A lot.”

“Believed in the oath of office.”

“His new enemy.”

“Street guys.”

“Lost everything.”

“Putting tags on toes.”

“The pettiest sh*t on the planet.”

Night Wolf (2012)

This crap UK 'horror' stars Tom Felton and Simon MacCorkindale and Joshua Bowman. A werewolf invades a country home in this abysmal cheapo dreck. The house is fancy-schmancy. This was misguided and furtive. There is not lasting trauma and the ending is WTF?

Hawking: Can You Hear Me? (2021)

A documentary about Stephen Hawking, the rock star physicist. He was a brilliant but selfish man with a horrible mother and sister. His 1st wife and children speak. His care team excluded his family and pushed them out. Jane his 1st wife talks. We see the 'Tomorrow's World' opening credits and it was from that show that people learned about the device that allowed Hawking to speak. There are mentions of the dread 2nd wife. He left his family on Christmas Day for her. His sister dislikes Jane and bigs up the ugly 2nd wife. The 1st wife had an affair and Stephen did too. Hawking's sexism is hinted at. His many medical interventions are discussed. His abusive 2nd wife's deeds are laid bared. The 2nd wife, Elaine, wouldn't be interviewed and is still denying what she did. His children discuss how Elaine tried to alienate their father from them but he wouldn't let that happen. The bitchy sister supports Elaine. The end comes. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“We never liked you. You don't fit into our family.”

“Upset the dynamics of a family home.”

“Impossible for us to compete with.”

“Made us feel very uncomfortable in our own home.”

“Berated on all fronts. I was a wicked woman.”

“Unnecessarily brutal.”

“My career sort of packed up and left me.”

“Now untreatable.”

School Of The Damned (2019)

This was another crap UK 'horror'. The plot was strikingly vague, ill judged and bafflingly poor.

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