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Lucky Devil 2+Cassidy's Secret 2+Buffy The Vampire Slayer 20+Mighty Morphin 11+ 2 others

Lucky Devil Issue 2

I missed issue 1. A man was possessed, now he's still a dick but with powers after being depossessed. The demon runs around with no powers due to the botched exorcism. As Stanley (aka the depossessed dick) forms a cult, demons from hell hunt him. This was sleazy and sexist and not very good.

Best Lines:

“False prophets will rise! They will deceive many! But not me!”

“The antichrist is among us.”

“I'm the Demon Lord now.”

“You've started building yourself a nice little empire, haven't you? Bringing a bunch of disenfranchised little nitwits together under your leadership. They love you. They fear you.”

“If you hope to live through what's coming for you.”

Cassidy's Secret Issue 1

Cassidy Crawford is a defence attorney in a world where an alien hero and a virus that grants powers to a select few exist. This has an ugly messed up colour scheme. Cassidy has a creepy 'admirer' in the alien hero. There is sex. It is 40 years since the comet brought the hero Airstrike and the virus to Earth. Now someone has killed Airstrike. I didn't care.

Best Lines:

“You have blood on your shoulder.”

“It's not mine. I just got off work.”

“The son of some distant land on a distant planet.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 29

Faith gets the scythe. The art is fugly. Who is Silas? Why is Buffy keeping secrets? Why are slayers wearing croptops in battle? I can't tell who is who with the fugly art. People wear cloaks and I do not care about Rupert Giles and his mommy issues. This was a yawn.

Best Lines:

“I cherish any situation that brings Rupert discomfort.”

“Watcher murder.”

“This world will go to ruin.”

Mighty Morphin Issue 11

I really don't get the numbering on this. There are more useless flashabcks to the whiny Zophram. The Rangers worry people will turn against them and support Zedd. Why isn't Billy saying sorry? Why is Matt so rude, arrogant and unapologetic?

Matt defends Grace. I'm sick of Matt, Grace and the whole Eltar plotline. Why is Billy still hanging out with Grace? Why are TPTB doing such a stupid plot with Zedd? Eltarians plot. What is a celestial shard? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“He sacrificed his life to protect the great and powerful Eltar. A place and a people that did not deserve it.”

“Let's see. You teamed up with an alien warlord and let him beat up on my boyfriend so......you're lucky I only punched you.”

“No one was coming to the rescue--”

“What do you guys do?”

“Kicking. A lot of kickin”

“So you're into swords, huh? Which kinds?”

“Sharp ones.”

“Something very bad is about to happen.”

“Bothersome planet.”

“You're just a sad little man who wants to play God.”

The Nice House On The Lake Book Four

People are never nice. Walter studided the clique's social dynamics. How is Walter sending them food? There is a reveal. What's the weird building? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“The pantry started to thin out,”

“It's a stable friend system.”

“The new boyfriend is not going to last.”

“Good God, who taught you how to put words together.”

“If I knew how to make him stop saying things, I would have done that a long time ago.”

“Alienazon prime.”

“Is he doing all right?”

“Are any of us?”

Telepaths Issue 1

A J. Michael Straczynski story. There is a solar flare. A violent black convict stabs someone with a pen showing that JMS' race views still haven't improved since his 'Babylon 5' days. A cop broods. A woman who works for the POTUS broods. The convict wants to be oppositional. Everyone blakcs out for 30 minutes, like in 'Flashforward'. Planes crash. The world is in chaos. The cop's wife is cheating which he learns cos the solar flare triggered telepathy in people. This was good.

Best Lines:

“God helmet.”

“There's always something coming up in the mideast.”

“You threatening my reading habits?”

“I know what she asked and the answer is no. Which is exactly what I told her the last time she called.”

“Why am I bleeding? How am I bleeding?”

“We are not done talking about this.”

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