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Movie Reviews: Schumacher + Killing Dad 🏎👨‍🦽

Schumacher (2021)

A documentary full of vintage footage, life-altering judgements and a subject who was a hilariously awful person. He raced for Team Bennetton and crashed into Senna. Talking heads opine. This was not innovative. There is fiendishly preposterous talk. He was a brooding, threatening presence. F1 was just fancy go-karting. The 90s are focused on. What's a lapped driver? He had another crash leading to unfriendly headlines. There is 90s hair.

Home movies are shown. There is dad dancing and another crash and no moral decorum. Eventually he crashed himself. There is a lot of asslicking in this and a lot is skipped over. He jumped out of a plane in shorts and sneakers in Dubai. He made a comeback and then came his 2013 accident which is only acknowledged not addressed. People talk about him in the past tense. His son can't discuss motorsport with him, which tells us all we need to know.

He was meticulous and nationally ubiquitous with fierce concentration. He seemed scheming, errant and extremely irresponsible despite desperate attempts to paint him as unfailingly nice.

Best Lines:

“Too young, too early, too soon.”

“Going to be dead.”

“Admire and venerate him.”


“Philosophy of the car was wrong.”

“Symbol of impotence.”

“World championship level.”

“Make Ferrari great again.”

“The word 'mistake' doesn't exist.”

“Quite a big deal.”

“Resonate with joy.”

“With the ponies.”

“You just get old.”

“Absolute all out commitment.”

“Wet tires.”

“The latest flying Finn.”

“Sharing a nice social moment.”

“He stayed and made it difficult.”

“Not giving an inch to the opposition.”

“Different, but he's here.”

Killing Dad (1989)

Richard E Grant and Denholm Elliott and Anna Chancellor and Anna Massey star in this grim film that is based on a novel. The print looks like a 5th generation vhs copy. An abandoned son (Grant) prepares for an act of violence. This was ridiculous. There is a horrible quest. The world is not a kind and safe place. This was an unpalatable debacle.

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