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Survivors Series 2 Ep 1 Reviewed

Series 1 was neither frightening nor plausible despite a pandemic leaving the fate of humanity in the hands of a pack of morons. There were no grim realities of a proto-feudal land in which civilization was lost to the survivors forever. Can series 2 be an improvement? On the strength of this ep, no.

The broadcast of series 2 was delayed due to the swine flu outbreak. All I can think is I must watch the 1970’s original. Anyway Abby is in the hands of the laboratory who tell her they want to make a vaccine. Abby doesn’t think to ask the obvious: isn’t it a bit late for a vaccine? A scientist says Abby has malnutrition which is obviously ridiculous; there are models that look more malnourished than Abby.

She also doesn’t wonder just how they knew the virus was coming and why they have a sealed bunker. Questions are raised: how did Abby recover? Was the virus natural? Will the pandemic mutate and wipe out everyone left? Are they really going to reinfect Abby with the virus? What is the deal with the postcard? Who is coming back?

Greg has been shot but doesn’t die of blood loss or infection or shock for some reason. Instead he has endless flashbacks to how his wife cheated and he beat up her smug lover. Al, Anya and Tom steal from a hospital only for it to collapse on them. Tom tries to make the rubble move by staring at it menacingly. Sarah of all people saves the day but at a cost to herself. Greg throws Tom out of their group.

There are other groups living in London, dirty feral kids, a crime gang and a group who seem nice. Somehow the bodies, diseases and rats haven’t made them leave. Shouldn’t the cities be uninhabitable by now? Why isn’t anyone wondering about self sufficiency or long term survival? Shouldn’t the scrubs and tools Anya took from the hospital be filthy? How did she clean them?

This was dull. Greg, Anya and Al all could have died but this show just avoids all darkness and piles on the conspiracy plot.

Best Lines:
We knew about the virus before the crisis.”

“Sooner or later, it’ll finish the job it started.”

“We can bleed her.”

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