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Dive Club 1x11&1x12+Evil 2x02+The Spanish Princess 2x05+Riverdale 5x16+Superman & Lois 1x07 👑

Black Swan

Lauren's alive, no one is looking for her. There are hints that Cape Mercy's history is a lie. Parents are unremarkably uninvolved. There is no allure. People in Cape Mercy have enabled and perpetrated a lie. This was a failure. Anna's up herself. This was of no avail.

The Russian explorer has recovered. This was beyond depressing. People are oddly apathetic and amoral. This fails to dazzle. There is talk of past exploits. People fume. This was a failure. There are grave experiences and no norms or values.

There is scrutiny and ridicule. People are abrasive. Anna is told to go to Moscow. This was hopelessly inadequate. There are earnest statements and where's Lauren's dad? This was pathetic. There is havoc. People are desperate and irresponsible. There is no audacity. Why do people dance around a maypole?

There is a toxic culture in Cape Mercy. There are persistent and profound problems. The lighthouse sends out an SOS.

Best Lines:

“A wreck that shouldn't have been there.”

“A dark secret in Cape Mercy's history.”

“Pretending to be the princess of Cape Mercy.”

“Victims of threats, violence, sabotage.”

“Sad angry boy.”

Queen Anne's Revenge

How did the gang get to the lighthouse? There is obvious day for night shooting. This was incapable. Lauren is found. There is self aggrandisement, self destruction and self pity and arrogant disrespect and cold blooded calculation. This was crude and not earnest. Things get fractious. This was not fateful. There are noxious destabilising threats.

What's Lauren has been eating and drinking? How has she toileted? She must smell rank! This was disappointing. Anna and her kin have always exuded an air of elitism. This was a parable on hubris. There is a key. Everyone ignored the lighthouse SOS? Where is Lauren's dad? There is not satisfying explanation. A tomb is explored. This was not memorable.

Anastasia's tomb has been found. There is no weight of expectation. This was not gorgeously wrought or moving. There is extravagant trouble. This was wrong. Anastasia's diary is found.

There are negative findings and flashbacks to 1918. Why would Anastasia speak English? Cape Mercy was founded on blood and lies. The truth is uncovered. There was no hero of Cape Mercy. There are silly accents. People are badly affected. There is a legacy and cultural landscape of lies. There are the inevitable pirates. Anna isn't a Russian descendant. There arehistorically inaccurate clothes. Jewels are found. 'The Fog' is ripped off. There is vulnerability. Anna's in denial. There are incompatible beliefs. Anna is descended from a murderer.

Things are unsustainable. There has been an illogical farrago of lies. Anna is a liar with an exceptionalist self image. People have drastically different ethics. Anna burns the truth and starts a fire. She has duplicity, contradictions and sneering.

The explorer appears to have been poisoned. Anna is an intransigent tool. It is a bitter and fractious time. This was emptiness. Anna burns down the dive club. This was dispensable. Anna and her kin are mediocrities. One views this with incomprehension. This was atrocious.

This has no clear purpose. This was empty. Nobody is cautious. Lauren does not go to her father. One despairs. This was gloomy. There is dysfunction and strife and this was imperfect. Lauren's father suffered a devastating loss – she does not care.

People don't see the fire. This was woeful. Anna lets her friends be stranded at sea during a storm. An evil boat sails. The local thug is part of it all. Anna's family have toxic rotten motives. There is no integrity or honesty. Things are left unresolved. Anna's evil gran prances. This was regrettable. Cape Mercy's glorious history is a lie. Anna is seething. Her friends have distress. Nobody is on the moral warpath.

The gran gets her pirate on. One feels derison for this. The thug is a murderer and Anna's evil now. There is a cliffhanger and the plot has been mishandled. Anna does no soul searching as things get contentious. This was faltering havoc.

Best Lines:

“Rewrites the story.”

“Changes Cape Mercy forever.”

“Attracts all kinds of trouble.”

“After me and the cargo I carry.”

“Here lies the hero of Cape Mercy.”

“Uncharted island.”

“Have an ominious feeling.”

“Most feared vessel in history.”

“Fool girls.”

A Is For Angel

Leland and his woman bother others. Leland dumps his beast woman. Is a man possessed by angel? David sees something. Dylan Baker guest stars. There is a diabolical influence. Beast woman slaps Leland. She's no innocent. This was deranged trash. Half the world could or will die. There is talk of a plague. There are idiots. Leland is a pathetic man full of hatred and contempt. People are morons and full of misery. Leland screws with the gang. Did the man's wife turn into a pillar of salt? This was small and meaningless.

Best Lines:

“Deal with weird all the time.”

“Angels don't haunt.”

“Where did you get that blood you used on my wall? It tasted like yours. I missed that.”

“You smell.”

“In defence of the righteous.”

“You're hogging the floor!”

“Walking ball of neediness.”

“I will come for you.”

“A hot priest.”

“General of the Lord's Army.”

“Stop a dire wrong.”

“More than delusions.”

“God's logic isn't ours.”



Wolsey runs things. Catherine ignores her daughter Mary. A masque that looks like an expy of 'Cats' takes place. Bessie is shameless. Something is approaching that will not be averted. Maggie Pole is bothered by Thomas More. This was not truly original or compelling. There are constant shifts in Henry's mood.

Anne and Mary Boleyn flutter around Catherine. Anne Boleyn finally speaks. Bessie is pregnant. Henry and his mistress flaunt themselves. Henry is cold hearted in his betrayal. Margaret heads back to Scotland. Wolsey is made a Cardinal. Bessie's bastard child is news. This was infuriating. Henry has condescension and posturing and is unpleasant. Catherine feels a terrible sense of loss, loneliness and betrayal.

This was in every way unremarkable, disappointing and pitiful. This was not darkly compelling. Wolsey is unscrupulous. Mary and Charles Brandon marry. This was dreadful. I do not care about More or Maggie. Both would end up dead due to their own stupidity. Henry Fitzroy is born.

Best Lines:

“Reclaim everything that is mine.”

“I do not like it.”

“How can you bear this?”

“It will advance us in court.”

“A lady does not carry.”

“Endure my company.”

“You were a plaything.”

“His constant and his queen.”

“You will be cast out of the palace.”

“A bastard!”

“Malicious talk.”

“Ever-rising Wolsey.”

“Will not be a prince and never can be.”

“Dip your wick in her!”

“Worst hell of my marriage.”

“The ghastly Cardinal.”

“I didn't care to know.”

“Ghastly thing.”

“His wife and queen and nothing can change that.”

“No boy arrives!”

“I will not be denied what lesser men find easy!”

“I will treat you as I please.”

Chapter Ninety-Two Band Of Brothers

This proved no more popular than any other season 5 ep. Betty pretends to be a hooker as she huts the killer. Jughead lurks. Has Archie spoken to him at all this season? Archie whines. This was appalling, disingenous and unnecessary. This was incomprehensible. Jughead thinks about stealing a book. Why is Jughead saying sorry to Betty? There are no critical moments. Betty is obsessed by the TBK killer and The Trucker Killer. This was moronic. Hiram freaks out. This show has gone seriously wrong. Veronica's evil husband lurks.

Best Lines:

“Flesh and blood mistake.”

“Old pal turned superstar.”

“The Brave & The True.”

“Dirty missions.”

“Our scheming.”

“Really bad feeling about what happens next.”

Man Of Steel

Let Jordan die, who'd miss him? Clark and Lois baby Jordan and ignore Jonathan and his broken bones. The stranger and his Lois were married with a daughter named Nat. Piss off Sarah, you dumb bint. Sarah didn't even ask how Jonathan was with her weird ass Jordan obsession.

Jordan is a weird ass stalker. The evil Superman killed the stranger's Lois on live tv. The stranger reveals himself as John Henry Irons and waves his magic hammer. Morgan Edge is making super powered baddies. This bored. I miss the clex.

Best Lines:

“Armoured lunatic.”


“Hero act of yours.”

“I broke my wrist, thanks for asking.”

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