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Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes (2009)

This was a good reimagining of Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters. Holmes the dogged detective and his put upon best friend/sidekick Watson investigate macabre goings on in Victorian London.

Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) is evil and he does black magic in cellars. Until he is caught and executed. But he gets better and embarks on a new crime spree. So Holmes and Watson must stop him.

As the intrepid duo run around it becomes clear that there is a lot more going on readily apparent. The ending sets up a sequel nicely, let us hope they make it. This was wonderful fun with subtext galore especially when Holmes sees Watson his best and indeed only friend blown up.

There are some flaws: Watson (Jude Law) is a bit too smug, his fiancée Mary is a harpy, Irene Adler takes up too much screen time, the rooms at Baker Street seem overly large, Lestrade didn’t seem right and how did Irene Adler get from parliament to London Bridge?

But throughout we get the wonderful enjoyable Holmes/Watson friendship as Watson continues to put up with the smug bipolar Holmes who never seems to comb his hair. I enjoyed the recreation of Victorian London especially Piccadilly Circus and London Bridge.

The London of Holmes & Watson looks like an exciting place to live. I hope we see more of it. I liked this.
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