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Movie Reviews: Gunda + Three Men In A Boat

Gunda (2021)

This was done in black and white and was so arty and boring. It is a documentary about a pig and her piglets, cows and a 1 legged chicken. In the end of course the piglets are taken away and the mother looks for them. This was arty vegan propaganda produced by Joaquin Phoenix. It was also really boring.

Three Men In A Boat (1975)

Tim Curry stars about 3 entitled twits on a boat. The book that was this was made from was condemned as an example of the over-education of the lower orders. There is aggressive ignorance. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“General disinclination to work of any kind.”

“Quaint forgotten nook.”

“Looking like a martyered goose.”

“Ballet girls.”

“Had loved and been deceived”

“Heroine of a 3 volume novel.”

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