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Book Review: In That Endlessnes, Our End, part 3

In That Endlessnes, Our End by Gemma Files, part 3

Distant Dark Places

Cosmic horror as a woman seeks to undo creation. This was excellent.

Best Lines:

“The global cult-watch site.”

“Armageddon mythology.”

“Chunks of ice elliptically orbiting so far beyond our sun's reach it's like they've been cut loose to drift forever before reappearing at mathematically predictable intervals,”

State possibilities as certainties.”

“Product interference;”

“Weird happenings.”

“Apocalyptic cult member.”

“Too late, it always was and always will be.”

Worm Moon



I don't get the point of this story.

Best Lines:

“Who're least likely to hot-box the bathrooms or set up some sort of off-campus brothel.”

“You helped mom break down the front door.”

“Forever trapped in that one bad decision.”


A tale of a changeling. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Unworthy of care,”

“Curse-child. This thing of darkness you do not acknowledge yours. Since you have none for him, it pleases you to believe him incapable of love-”

“Deluded kindness.”

“Crying for love you thought me incapable of feeling. Crying out forever to be loved.”

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