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Flashforward Ep 3 Review

137 Sekunden

Demetri is told he’ll be shot three times in the chest. Mark lies and will not blink. An imprisoned Nazi named Geyer claims to have information on the blackout. He’ll tell Mark the information for his freedom. Mark agrees to this for some reason. Janis Hawk is rude.

The FBI boss’ wife had a vision of a foster son and she’s a bit wary when she sees the boy in the present. The boy has a mother so how come he’ll end up calling her mommy in a few months?

Aaron has Tracy exhumed. Demetri mopes. People make speeches. Dead crows are important. People are dumb and stupid. Aaron’s ex-wife Kate is a harpy. The final scenes suggest that the blackout was not a natural occurrence and that it has happened before. But will it happen again? This was okay, this show is watchable but it’s not attention grabbing like ‘Lost’.

Where has Nicole the babysitter gone? What is up with Aaron’s vision of Tracy? What is the pylon all about? What does Zoe’s flashforward mean?

Best Line:
“We haven’t stopped to ask ourselves, what if it happened before?”
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