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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Superman & Lois' 1x03

Shut up Jordan!

'The Devil's Throat' 1x04 promo


Gluten free blackberry financiers – ok.

I'd try cactus water and the corpse reviver cocktail.

My ex isn't concerned. My ex wasn't the person he seemed to be. My ex discarded me. My ex was supposed to care. I thought my ex would be everything to me. My ex is not contrite. An unresolved rift. My ex abruptly dropped me.

I learnt about spite houses.

'Evil' is renewed?

I want a braclet with 45 carats of cabochon emeralds and 30 carets of European and bagnette cut diamonds.

Brexit means no Bass.

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Complete disregard for others.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Shock, regret and concern.”

“Word, deed and spirit.”

“Deaths that continue to this day.”

“Increasingly violent response.”

“Food crisis.”

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Quotes:

“Go psycho on prom.”


“Hyena people!”


“Something creepy happened, you seemed to show up and stop it.”

'In Pursuit' Quotes:

“Narcotics history.”

“This was sinister.”

“Mishandling human remains.”

“Voluntary circumstances.”

'The Killing Of Fr. Niall Molloy' Quotes:

“Provoked widespread rumour.”

“Caused widespread upset.”

“Due to him.”


“Unexplained mysteries.”

“Inexplicable to us.”

“Usual affairs.”

“Respected in their local community.”

“Forthcoming with conversation and friendlessness.”

“Wealthy family of the parish.”

“Trophy house.”

“Very ordinary man.”

“Nice people.”

“Top drawer childhood.”

''allo 'allo'' Quotes:

“Clinging to a rusted drainpipe.”

“Hiding in your outside bog.”

“My water ration and my soap ration.”

“Conquering heroes.”

“His personal sausage.”

“Something nasty will happen.”

“Reclothe yourself.”

“The message was wrapped around a brick and thrown at my head.”

“Theft of my sausage.”

“I feel like a man 20 years younger.”

“So does she, but we need his money.”

“It is old but it still grinds.”

“Gestapo sausage.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Looking everywhere for help and is not reciving it.”

“Plenty to be alarmed by.”

“Very cold, very chilly.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Various salon arbiters of literary standards.”

“Faltering popularity.”

“Taking days to arrive (if they even do).”

“He knows we fear him.”

“Existing only in the stories of old men,”

“Honourable dealings.”

“Mounting legal actions to defend his reputation.”

“Significantly negative implications.”

“Disobedient girls get a very bad press.”

“Relieve all wretchedness.”

“A league of decency.”

“Grimly secretive.”

“War of restoration.”


“Bitter debate.”

“Did nothing to resolve the matter.”

“Any serious consideration.”

“Screeching tirade.”

“Doesn't go reasoned arguments.”

“Similarly brilliant invention.”

“Listen credulously.”

“Rendered complacent.”

“Pestering manner.”

“Disarming eccentricity.”

“Lures his prey into error with his apparently unthreatening demeanour.”

“Barmy, inconsistent.”

“Grasp of the disorder.”

“Long-buried secrets.”

“Rising paranoia as things go awry.”

“Grim loyalty.”

“Rabid righteousness.”

“Uphold the moral outlook of an endemcially violent society.”

“Barely noticed (or never noticed).”

“Propertied class.”

“Dante-quoting lunatic.”

“Labour ceaselessly to secure her destiny-”

“Precipitous changes in fortune.”

“Final form of human government.”

“What he has become.”

“Relentless hostility.”

“Chaos and ineptitude.”

“Dismal state.”

“Profound adversity.”

“Deeper unease.”

“Unsure explanation.”

“The next generation, is ever-present.”

Bitter and personalised exchanges.”

'True Life Crime' Quote:

“Years of torment.”

'Irish Independent Weekend Magazine' Quote:

“Written out of literary history for centuries.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“I want you gone.”

“Freaking out bad.”

“Could be plausible.”

'Irish Independent' Quotes:

“National icon.”

“Dangerous to make.”

“Terrible reverence.”

“Has a horror of the working class.”

“Hate-fuelled contempt.”

'The Devil's Throat' Quotes:

“No one in Ustovo puts on a helmet. The locals will think he's gay.”

“Your nose is too pretty to be broken.”

“If I kick out your teeth.”

“You're a bitter disappointment.”

“Maybe if I kill someone, you'll spend some time with me.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Whole sorry mess of it.”

“Desolation that now passes for peace.”

“Sacred ground.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Elevated threat environment.”

'Imperial Spain 1469-1716' Quotes:


“Fading dynasty.”

“Had been perfidiously broken.”

“Object of inquisitorial attention.”

“Unmeasured ambition.”

“Found himself in permament confinement.”

“The most sinister rumours.”

“Mediocre successor.”

“Whose paternity was universally doubted.”

“Disappointingly meagre.”

“A degenerate line.”

“Pathetic spectacle.”

“Always been terrified of her husband.”

“Deep disquietude of a nation which found it almost impossible to realize that the dynasty which had led it to such triumphs and such disasters had suddenly ceased to exist.”

“Unredeemed mediocrity.”

'The Killer In My Family' Quotes:

“Unreasonable expectations of what he was entitled to.”

“Pretty things that she's giving you.”

“Over the top gestures of generosity.”

'Sunday Independent' Quotes:

“Negative societal treatment.”

“Simply not something people think or talk about.”

“Feel very secluded, very locked away.”

“Cataclysmic event.”

“Didn't feel I had anybody there for me.”

“Vaginal shame.”

“If menstruation stopped today, we'd be in a Children Of Men situation and the population would be gone in 100 years.”

“Always been observed.”

“Vanishing world.”

“For a woman to read a book let alone write one was viewed with alarm.”

“Shouting about the quality of the sausages in his dressing room.”

“All ends in acrimony.”

“Descended into chaos.”

“Relations deteriorated further.”


“Potentially terrible consequences.”

“Grim satisfaction.”

“Messianic vision.”

“Shameful decisions.”

“Flaunt that eejitry.”

'Business Post Irish Tatler' Quote:

“Grim reading.”

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