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Movie Review: Sweet Girl (2021) 👎

A devoted family man swears vengeance against the greedy drug company CEO he blames for his wife's death. Jason Moma stars. This was an incredibly boring tale of ill will and malice and socially unstable times.

There is mumbling and medicine is an unattainable luxury. Things change drastically after a new medication is promised and then delayed by an evil CEO. Things deteriorate. The generic drug ceases to matter. Personal costs rise. There are no dignified lives just many moral failings.

This was not deeply fascinating. There are bad habits, CNN and exposition. A big pharma CEO smugs. There is a cloud of despair. This was tedious and frustrating. There is a crisis. Ray (Moma) threatens the CEO on live tv. Which does not work out well for him. There is no huge interest in this.

There are diverse after-effects. The CEO is proud and glad about what he did. Nungum otio torpebat. There is no eternal shame. This was wildly improbable. There are hospital bills and Amy Brenneman and Reggie Lee. There are words of anger and outrage and cruelty and pomp. There is despair and nobody does anything, everybody does nothing. This was dull and the twist is dumb.

Best Lines:

“The past is like a dream.”

“Memories that shape us.”

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