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Robin Issue 5 Reviewed

This promises us a rumble of the Robins. We get no such thing. Damian Wayne is Robin, I thought he quit. Stuff is going on. Didn't Tim Drake rename hismelf? Why is Damian demanding respect? Shouldn't Damian be in school instead of running around being a violent thug? Did Damian mock Dick's TBI? Damian does superhero landing. Why is Damian hugging Jason? Connor Hawke lurks. Isn't Damian short? This was okay. They're not really truly a family.

Best Lines:

“The League Of Lazarus Priests.”

“Picking fights with deadly assassins?”

“If I can come home, so can you.”

“Everyone acts like you're so cool because you're the Robin who died. But who hasn't died?”

“The bad boy of the Bat-family is giving me advice?”

“We helped you when no one else would.”

“His path as a great hero has been stopped by men like Batman.”

“When everyone forgot you,”

“I know we've all had our differences in the past.”

“Like when Damian slit my throat?”

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