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Vigil 1x03+Deception 1x07+Dive Club 1x04 Reviewed 🦈⚓🚣‍♀️🧭🔍🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️

Vigil 1x03

A coordinated attack? An American submarine sank the trawler. Vigil was involved in a drinking, drugs and death incident in the USA. Amy freaks out and recalls losing custody of Poppy, how did she lose custody? There are revelations. This was rubbish. Some annoying bint annoys.

Best Lines:

“Saw himself as a whistleblower.”

“Helps them feel important.”

“This isn't North Korea.”

Sacrifice 99 To Fool One

Cameron is abducted. Jonathan is the worst. The idiot mystery woman plot drags and bores. The mystery woman is the most boring plot device ever. She's Victoria from 'Due South' tempting Jonathan. Why don't they shoot the bitch? Jonathan punches Cameron in the face. There is a cliffhanger – this was terrible.

SS Gothenburg

This show is catastrophic and the very, very worst. People are nasty and uncaring. There is diving and no rationality or decency. People are highly dubious and outright false. There is unreason and mania and people denigrate the missing Lauren. This show was the worst mistake. How wrong this is. People have ire in this misbegotten, imbecilic mess.

This was a weak farce. People are weary and gruding and graceless. There is serious engagement. Izzie attention seeks. This was of poor quality, very poor. There is little accountability. Issues of concern are shrugged off. There is an inevitable slide into oblivion.

There is shirtlessness and this is worsening. This gets progressively worse. People push a pinao down a street for reasons. There are arguments and a clear reluctance by TPTB to make this better. There is bad singing.

Best Lines:

“Any drama going on?”

“I saw coral! Lots and lots of coral!”

“She's got a lot of explaining to do.”

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