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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Evil' season 2 promo


My ex = unspeakably horrible. My ex = inexplicably mean. My ex turned out to be fundamentally an unkind person. I was discarded. I await my ex's acknowledgement of his wrong. My ex was fickle and betrayed me. My ex will never account for his actions.

RIP Sarah Harding.

I'd try lemon posset tart.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Expecting a long, hard military campaign.”

“Sinister campaign.”

“Hostile states.”


“Corrupt, improper.”

“Grim choice.”

“Ritual of farewell.”

“Slow-motion catastrophe.”

“Oldest unbroken royal line in the world,”

“For 125 generations.”

“Era of myth.”

“Appalling prospect.”

“Unspoken suspicion.”

“These things count here.”

“Failing to impress neighbours with his bongo skills, he was dragged naked out of his home.”

“Foundation myth.”

“Come to believe the worst of their own country.”

“Unable to trust even relatives.”

“Won't let us love.”

“Traditionally hostile.”

“Crumb traps.”

“Men were peeing in bushes. Women were getting angry that men were peeing in bushes.”

“Seemed to have a perception of our life but no idea of the reality.”

“Presenters with regional accents.”

“Impact point.”

“An event that came to define an age.”

“Publicly mourned.”



“Putative successors.”

“Sneeringly referred.”

“Unglamorous coiffeur.”

“Fractious alliance.”

“Early fixation.”

“Ideological convictions.”

“Trial by pain.”

“Feared and revered.”

“Bizarre belief systems.”

“His fantasies were many and varied.”

“As inflexible as it was incoherent.”

“Perpetual fear.”

“Emotional attachment.”


“His internal rot.”

“Squalid fall.”

“Diabolical behaviour.”

“Bleak and ninhilistic.”


“Nearly slipped through the net becuase it was not designed to catch her.”

'The Devil's Throat' Quotes:

“Hate is a powerful force.”

“Guess who will be accused of the murder? You!”

“No God can forgive that.”

“I know this keychain.”

“Go away now.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Could provoke a very significant backlash.”

“His closest personal servant.”

“Forced to resign, twice.”

“Criticised the running of the royal household.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Media-appointed voice.”

“Financial gulf.”


'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Thinking biases.”

“Unwarranted conclusions.”

“Win her the love of others.”

“Demonic residence.”

“Uncomfortable questions arose.”

“An outsider in her own community.”

“Cold superority.”

“The revered ideals of stability and prosperity are unavailable to her.”

“Rage turned septic.”

'Business Post food & Wine' Quote:

“Heritage wheat grains sourced from seed banks.”

'The Irish Times' Quote:


'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“You can't play videogames in a homeless shelter.”

“Live with his choices and consequences.”

“Change the locks, break his plate.”

The Devil's Throat - All 4The Devil's Throat - On Demand - All 4

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