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Movie Review: Last Flight Out (1990) ✈🛫🛬

In this true story tv movie Vietnamese civilians try to catch the last commerical plane out of Saigon on April 24 1975 as the Viet Cong advance on the city. Haing S. Ngor, Richard Crenna and James Earl Jones star in this tale of desperation as 500 evacuees cram onto a last ditch takeoff by Pan Am, the only Ameircan airline left in Vietnam.

Eric Bogosian, Rosalind Chao and Arliss Howard also feature in this tv movie which was filmed in Thailand. There is street casting evident by some bad acting. There are a plot of parallels between what took place in 1975 and what took place this year. This was good. People are packed onto the plane, people stand and hang on to the overhead lockers. A woman gives her child to the head of Pan Am (Crenna) and collapses crying in the street. All this really happened.

Best Lines:

“Friend from Washington.”

“Ain't that a contradiction in terms?”

“Underground airplane.”

“High risk people.”

“Whole families wanting cyanide capsules.”

“Know they're going to be left behind.”

“Let's not tell anyone about the death list.”

“Welcome to freedom.”

“Be with his country.”

“Living in a country that no longer exists.”

“Destroying the records of their Vietnamese employees.”

“When that orphan plane crashed.”

“Doesn't understand what's coming.”

“In America he will be an honoured man.”

“Take off with the tank 2/3 empty, no baggage.”

“Land number.”

“He will not do well in the new order.”

“We were full before I put the last 200 onboard.”

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