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Heroes Season 4 Ep 1 Review

Orientation/Jump, Push, Fall

New characters in the form of possibly evil carnies show up, no stereotyping going on there then. The head carnie Samuel (Robert Knepper of ‘Prison Break’) talks in endless speeches. He has minions in the form of Edgar (Ray Park of ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ and ‘X-Men’) and Lydia who has future predicting tattoos. None of their powers make any sense.

Claire goes to college, Peter is an EMT and Matt’s a detective. Aren’t they all on government watch lists or something? Was all of last season forgotten? How did Claire get into college? She has to deal with a snotty roommate named Annie and makes a new friend in Gretchen.

Meanwhile Ando and Hiro are still stupid. Why Ando is still friends with Hiro isn’t explained. Hiro is his same selfish and rude self and now he’s dying. Boo hoo. Angela and Noah are still amoral morons having the same conversations over and over again. Sylar is Nathan and he’s also in Matt’s head making him go buggy. Where are Nathan’s wife and kids? Sylar as Nathan pulls ominous faces.

Danko dies and he had a key in his stomach for some reason. Tracy’s moral light switch gets another flipping. Noah’s outraged that the ex-wife he abused has moved on. Peter and Edgar have an unimpressive fight scene. It’s Jess from ‘Gilmore Girls’ vs Darth Maul and we’re expected to believe Jess wins. These were uninteresting; this show’s spark is long gone.

Will nothing make TPTB write Noah, Hiro and Sylar off this show? Matt is going mental. Who are Samuel and his buddies? Who killed Annie?

Best Lines:
“You heard about that?”
“A cheerleader in Texas gets her head sawed off at the Homecoming game?”

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