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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Candyman' (2021) tv spot


'The North Water' promo


'Manhunt: The Night Stalker' promo


'Monsters And Men' promo


'Evil' season 2 promo

Die you stupid pig bastard.

'Heels' 1x04 promo


Gluten free creamy milk choc biscuits – okay.

Lambay steak – ok.

My ex terribly wronged me. The level of betrayal. My ex did vile behaviour, I revile him. My ex causes mystification. My ex = callous. My ex has no ethics just unkept promises.

'Evil' renewed for season 3.

RIP Ed Asner.

Who saw 'Witness For The Prosecution' (1957)?

'RTE News' Quote:

“How their country will now function.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Criminal lying low.”

“Uninhabitable for weeks.”

“Hurricane defence.”

“City wide power outage.”

“Never known a world before the internet.”

“Up to no good.”

“Lower ranking birds.”

“Shelves and plates full.”

“Monstrous aspects of real people.”

“Choirgirls running riot.”

“Winding up the local coppers.”

“Friendships in crisis.”

“Don't look at him, I've told you what we wanted.”

“Unrealistic ambition.”

“Drags his family into his schemes.”

“Suitably maniac.”

“You're all strangers to me right now, all of you.”

“Flirty photos.”

“Subtle bathroom moment.”

“Met his dad in a streetfight.”

“Rarely troubled by passing traffic.”

“Unfolding tragedy.”

“Help or hinder.”

“Food disappears.”

“It couldn't be much worse. Or could it?”

“Held most of the urban centres.”

“Broke confidence.”

“Not a good story.”

“Searing history.”

“Catastrophic consequences.”

“Complex region.”

“Race for the border.”

“Expressed deep regret.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Hastily retreating from.”

“Cowered in sewage canels.”

“Murdered in the gutter.”

“Murdered in the country they were trying to flee.”

“Final hours.”

“20 bloodstained years ago.”

“Sworn enemy.”

“Regional franchise.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Consequences will be felt for years.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Her values have so eroded.”

“Ranch riding team.”

“Offered peace.”

“Meeting a smooth talker at a horse barn.”

“Very disturbing part of town.”

“Nightmare bubble.”

“Very hard road for her.”

“Harm behaviors.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Obscure deaths.”


“Lurid and shocking.”

“Anecdotal accounts.”

“Disinhibition factor.”


“Controlled purchase.”

“Incredibly irritated by the insistence.”

“Some kind of moral accountability.”

“Cruel injustices.”

“Noble aspiration.”

“Helped inflict.”

“Get wet and stay wet.”


“Google maps is very good for finding Harvey Norman but not so good in telling you which way to get off a mountain in fog,”


“Sacrifical track.”

“Simplicity and reconnection.”

“Negative stories.”

“That narrative absolutely needs to be addressed.”

“Every child hears something distinctive when the teacher speaks.”

“Supposed saviour.”

“Achieve learning outcomes.”

“Obliged to have what they want on the day they want it.”

“Their reputation has got around. There isn't a children's play centre or petting zoo south of the Grand Canal that they're not actually borred from?”

“Follow-up legal letter confirming the arrangements that we never dorken their door again.”

“One of them said Johnny was obsessed with fire. He's storted two fires, Sorcha – both minor.”

“Calls me a bunch of names that would be unpublishable in a newspaper such as this, especially in the current climate.”

“Me want my focking lighter!”

“I've got a Leinster Schools Senior Cup Medal. That still means something in this town. Even though it was taken off me for doping.”

“Exuberant joie de vivre.”

“Random child violence.”

“Sadism loses its edge.”

“Permanently unlit fireplace.”

“Feign enough concern.”

“Attraction isn't all or nothing.”

“People can be wonderful, and you can still want to leave.”


“Preventing Armageddon.”

“This idea of destiny and having one perfect person to fufil all your needs-”

“Dangerous to offend a chef with this level of weaponry.”

“Creativity was valued.”

“Intensely famous.”


“Unhelpful comparisons.”

“Provincial constraint.”

“Wildly enthused.”

“Formal intensity.”

“Fascilitate that vision.”

“Spoken-word Van Morrison laments from the 1980s.”

“Why can't it be like this forever?”

“Forgotten genre.”

“Few contemporary readers realise quite how popular his books once were.”

“Indecently fascinated.”

“Did not help his reputation.”

“Brash vigour.”

“Inevitable companion.”

“Declines to laugh at her jokes.”

“Academic of distinction.”

“Finds her objectionable on every level.”

“Authentically furious.”

“Why are so many people afraid of these people?”

“Remarkable trajectory.”

“Rove amibaly.”

“Rhetoric it generated was grandiose.”

“Crush disorder.”

“Land hunger.”

“Cosmically significant.”

“Not necessarily predictive.”

“Repeatedly marred by personal tragedy.”

“International condemnation.”

“Fearful atmosphere.”

“Violent disruption.”

“Reputation for arrogance.”

“Taken aback by the reaction.”

“A concerted campaign of opposition.”

“Solidly proud of their country and their culture and their histpry.”

“Beaten into exhaustion.”

“Toothpaste use.”

“Worked through issues with our customers.”

“Unjust inprinciple.”

“Clearly decided which was the right side of history.”

“Cultural practice.”

“I feel threatened.”

“Trail creep.”

''allo 'allo'' Quotes:

“DeGaulle, you know the one who scarpered.”

“We demand entry.”

“Busy doing the screwing.”

“Observing the bushes.”

'MacGyver' Quote:

“People have been trying to kill this woman for years.”

'The Clown And The Candyman' Quotes:

“Running a cemetary at my house.”

“Whatever secrets he had had died with him.”

“Date a series of dirtbags.”

'The Secret History' Quotes:

“Half the people here are here because nowhere else would let them in.”

“Depraved music.”

'The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family' Quotes:

“Hubris and pain.”

“Lowest rungs on the royal court.”

“Strength of faith.”

“A golden key can open any door.”

“Gaining powerful momentum.”

“Usurped authority.”

“Of another generation.”

“Only man whose opinion really mattered.”

“Overturning a millennium of religious tradition.”

“Weren't in the same social class.”

“No particular office.”

“Rising in the king's estimation.”

“Ruler in his realm.”

“Scandalised most of Catholic Europe.”

“Older generation.”


“Threatening forms.”

“Bodes certain destruction.”

“How unpopular her family's quest for power has made her.”

“Children I will bear.”

“More and more defiant.”

“Pushing for her queenship.”

“This is how it will be.”

“Need foreign allies.”

“Anne isn't formally invited.”

“Public French approval.”

“Sell his potential new queen.”

“Good folk of London.”

“Deeply contentious and fraught situation.”

“Accepting the Boleyn marriage.”

“Well aware of the dangers.”

“Gold may be bought too dear.”

“Gone from being a nobody to being crowned Queen Of England.”

“Accepted in a holy place as the annointed wife.”

“Fancy Latin prose.”

“Little sick-making.”

“A Boleyn sits on the throne.”

“Heir that Henry longs for.”

“Summit of their ambition.”

“Fond mother.”

“God now does favour him.”

“Sons to come.”

“Exiled far from court.”

“Big step up socially.”

“Household in disorder.”

“Love overcame reason.”

“Highly pleased.”

“Local role.”

“Established his family at court.”

“Most of Catholic Europe still don't recognise her as the rightful Queen.”

“Misjudges the situation.”

“Didn't recognise the union of Henry VIII with Anne Boleyn.”

“She's rejected.”

“Really awful year for Anne Boleyn.”

“Support for her is falling away.”

“Her incompetent brother.”

“Anne marrying into the royal family.”

“Notoriously unreliable ally.”

“Reaching a nadir.”

“One story is good till another is told.”

“Extend forgiveness.”

“Sheer horror of what Thomas Howard has presided over.”

“Everything goes wrong.”

“Not very good when people fail him.”

“Endless factional battles and the intrigues.”

“Very much beneath her status.”

“Confidence and queenship.”

“No longer secure in Henry's affection and Henry's love.”

“He can bring her down as quickly as he has raised her.”

“The roles he holds.”

“Very much not alright.”

“Despised her marraige and entertained her malice.”

“Vile provocations.”

“Lookingly longingly.”

“Insane fury.”

“Not adept at copulation.”

“Awaiting her own fate.”

“The honours to which he rasied me.”

“Disgrace on her mother's name.”

'Dateline' Quote:

“Search not made.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:


“Naive perception.”


“Streets of despair.”

“Absolutely glorious.”

“Waiting for something exciting to happen.”

“Was it ever any good.”

“Clubby clothes.”

“Time, as everyone keeps telling me, moves forward.”

“So unhappy.”

“Exclusion zone.”

“Combat potential.”

“A mark of cultural refinement and social superiority.”

“The ruins of the music industry.”

“Pathological longing.”

“Nonconformity was celebrated.”

“Many cracks through which to fall.”

“Sung toil.”

“Without attribution.”

“Expect no affection to me.”

“Jealous of mere wives, particularly when they don't seem suitably grateful.”

“Salty peril.”

“New possibilities.”

“Assertively protective.”

“Wouldn't even consider it.”

“My life changed irreparably.”

“Formed by the imaginations of men,”


“More billionaires and homeless people, per square mile than anywhere else in America.”

“A disposable fancy.”

“Open air misery.”

“Difficulty in finding a removals truck – because they had all been hired to help people flee the state.”

“Indescribable theatre of misery.”

“Where the miserable find company.”

“People who murdered someone, or tried to,”

“Damaged their community.”

“De-escalate a situation.”

“Passionate, unswerving and ferocious loyalty.”

“Strutting nonsense.”


“Appreciative and quiet.”

“One of history's more spectacular midlife crises,”

“Public exhaustion.”

“Braying lunatics.”

“Public unease.”

“An exam for which they've spent their entire life preparing.”

“Set, generationally.”

“Grim world.”


“Bottomless pit of misery and despair.”

“Politcally repulsive.”

“A desire to be liked.”

“Tragic absence.”

“Increasingly erratic behaviour.”

“Still follows him, as it should.”

“Deprieved of respect.”

“He neither understands nor wants to hear.”

“Moral seriousness.”

“Poor judgment.”

“Owed him nothing.”

“Increasingly hostile.”

“Porfolio of enemies.”


“Dismal end.”

“Completely without intention.”

“Homes where fathers are absent and mothers are unable to control them.”

“Vastly, vastly more terrible.”

“Unsafe due to the level of ill feeling.”

“Vitriolic blame game.”

“Shown no interest in talking to them.”

“Woefully deficient.”

“Uncertain fate.”

“Calamitous miscalculations and shambolic decisions.”

“Grim foretaste.”

“Ominious sign.”

'The Chameleon Killer' Quote:

“Still unidentified to this day.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quote:

“Fading era.”

'Star Trek Lower Decks' Quotes:

“Bridge officers are always coming back from the dead.”

“Sing over the wails of the dishonoured.”

“Klingon acid punk.”

“Doesn't work on angry mobs!”

“Scientific depravity.”

“I keep it vague on purpose.”


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